s. xiii, Christ Church Canterbury

Type of MS.: Register
Davis no.: 169
Bibliography: Kelly, St Augustine's, p. lxii
Related MSS: Extracts by E. Dering in BL Add. 5506. Once part of same vol. as Reg. B, C, & D.
Comment: Contains St Augustine's document (S 20)

Charters contained:

S1451a, f. 3v: s. x2. Account of the consecration in 905 of seven bishops (for Winchester, Ramsbury, Sherborne, Wells, Crediton, Selsey and Dorchester), and statement of the assignment to Crediton, on that occasion, of land at Pawton in St Breock, Cællincg and Lawhitton, Cornwall. s. xiii

S22, f. 77r-v: A.D. 699 x 716 (Bapchild, Kent). Wihtred, king of Kent, to the churches and monasteries of Kent; grant of privileges and immunity to the churches and monasteries of Kent, with specific prohibition of lay domination over St Peter's at Upmynster, Reculver, Minster-in-Thanet, Dover, Folkestone, Lyminge, Minster-in-Sheppey and Hoo. Confirmation, dated A.D. 716, at a synod at Cloveshoh. s. xv

S20, f. 77v: A.D. 699 (Cilling, 8 April). Wihtred, king of Kent, to the churches and monasteries of Kent; confirmation of privileges. s. xv

S1632, f. 78r: A.D. 958. Edgar to the monasteries of Kent; confirmation of privileges. s. xv

S914, ff. 78v-79r: A.D. 1006 for 1002. King Æthelred to Christ Church, Canterbury; refoundation of the monastic community and confirmation of land at Eastry, Ickham, Bossington, Adisham, Appledore, Swarling, Preston, Graveney, Westwell, Chart and Farleigh, Kent; at Patching, Sussex; at Meopham and Cooling in West Kent; at Walworth, Surrey; at Risborough, Bucks.; at Lawling in Latchingdon, Essex; at Hadleigh and Monks Eleigh, Suffolk; and in Thanet. s. xv

S952, f. 79r: A.D. 1018. King Cnut to Christ Church, Canterbury; confirmation of privileges. s. xv

S1089, f. 79r-v: A.D. 1052 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that he has granted to Archbishop Stigand and the community at Christ Church all the lands that they had in the time of his predecessors and in his own time. s. xiii

S1430a, f. 88v: A.D. 798. Decree of a council of Bapchild, Kent, concerning the liberties of the Church. s. xiii

S111, f. 138r: A.D. 774. Offa, king of the English, to Jænberht, archbishop; grant of 3 sulungs (aratra) at Lydd, Kent. s. xiii

S132, f. 138r-v: A.D. 790 for ? 795 (London). Offa, king of the English, to Æthelheard, archbishop of Canterbury; grant of 60 hides (tributaria) at Hayes and Yeading and 30 at Twickenham, Middx. s. xiii

S155, f. 138v: A.D. 799 (Tamworth, Staffs.). Coenwulf, king of Mercia, to Christ Church, Canterbury; restoration of 30 sulungs (aratra) at Charing, 10 at Seleberhtes cert or Bryning lond (Chart) and 4 at Humbinglond in Barham, Kent, previously seized and redistributed by King Offa. s. xiii

S156, ff. 138v-139r: A.D. 799 (17 July). King Coenwulf and his wife Cynegyth to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of 4 sulungs (aratra) at Giddinge and Wootton, Kent. s. xiii

S1259, f. 139r: A.D. 805. Æthelheard, archbishop of Canterbury, recovers for Christ Church 4 sulungs (aratra) at Bishopsbourne, Kent, originally granted by Aldhun, confiscated by Offa, king of Mercia, and now restored as the result of a synodal judgement. s. xiii

S1264, ff. 139r-140r: A.D. 811 (Canterbury, 21 April). Wulfred, archbishop, to Christ Church; grant of 3 sulungs (aratra) at Folcwining lond in the district of Eastry, 1 at Liminum and 1 at Dunwaling lond, Kent, in exchange for 4 sulungs at Bishopsbourne, Kent. The land at Liminum had been granted to Wulfred by Coenwulf, king of Mercia, in exchange for land at Yarkhill, Herefords., which Wulfred had obtained from Queen Cynethryth. The land at Bishopsbourne had been given to Christ Church by Aldhun, confiscated by King Offa, and then restored. s. xiii

S1266, f. 140r-v: A.D. 824 (Canterbury, 23 July). Wulfred, archbishop, to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of 5 sulungs (aratra) at Eythorne and Langdon in Eythorne, in exchange for 5 sulungs at Barham and Suithberhtincglond, Kent. s. xiii

S1269, f. 140v: A.D. 833 x 870. Ceolnoth, archbishop of Canterbury, to his familia at Canterbury; grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) at Langdon, Kent. s. xiii

S323, ff. 140v-141r: c. A.D. 833 x 839, perhaps 833 x 836. Æthelwulf, king of Kent, to (Christ Church, Canterbury); confirmation of lands at Langham, Blakeburneham, Plegwingham, Ofneham; pasture in Hliossole and Ægelbertinherst; common in woods in Estcogheringdenne and Hyringdenne; land at Canterbury with meadows at Shettinge and Thanington, Kent. s. xiii

S1202, f. 141r: A.D. 870 x 889. Alfred, dux, makes an agreement with Archbishop Æthelred and the community at Christ Church. Alfred receives life-use of an estate at Croydon, Surrey, in return for bequeathing an estate at Chartham, Kent, to Christ Church after his death. s. xiii

S515, f. 141r-v: (A.D. 946.) Kings Edmund, Eadred and Eadwig to Christ Church (Canterbury); restoration of land at Twickenham, Middlesex; Preston, Ealdingtun (? Monkton in Thanet), Swarling, Wingham, Kent; Graveney, Bossington, Ulcombe and Tarring, Sussex. s. xiii

S1506x, f. 141v: A.D. 941 x 958 (? 958). (a) Agreement between Æthelweard and Archbishop Oda and the Christ Church community over land at Ickham, Kent. (b) Later agreement between Eadric and Christ Church respecting the estate. s. xiii

S1501, f. 141v: c. A.D. 960 x 994. Will of Æthelric, including bequest of all his land to his wife, with reversions as follows; land at Bocking, Essex, part to Christ Church and part to the church at Bocking; at Rayne, Essex, to St Paul's, London; at Copford and Glazenwood in Bradwell, Essex, to Ælfstan, bishop (of London); at Northho, part to St Gregory's, Sudbury, and part to St Edmunds at Bedericesworth (Bury). s. xiii

S939, f. 142r: A.D. 995 x 999 (Cookham). King Æthelred confirms the will of Æthelric (i.e. S 1501), including the bequest of land at Bocking, Essex, to Christ Church, Canterbury. s. xiii

S1503, ff. 142r-143r: A.D. 1014. Will of the Ætheling Æthelstan, including bequests of land at Adderbury, Oxon., Marlow, Bucks., and (Steeple) Morden, Cambs., to Old Minster, Winchester; at Hollingbourne and Garrington in Littlebourne, Kent, to Christ Church, Canterbury; at Rotherfield (? Sussex) to Nunnaminster, Winchester; at Chalton, Hants., Northtune and at Mollington, Oxon., to King Æthelred; land in East Anglia and Peacesdele (? Peak District or Pegsdon, Beds.) to Edmund, his brother; at Hambleden, Bucks., to Ælfmær; at Cumtune to Godwine; at Westune to Ælfswith; at Heorulfestune to Ælfwine; at Catherington, Hants., to Ælfmær; at Hockcliffe, Beds., to Siferth; at Tewin, Herts., to Æthelweard the Stammerer and to Lyfing; at Lutegaresheale (? Ludgershall, Wilts.), to Godwine the Driveller. s. xiii

S1465, f. 143r: A.D. 1032 or 1035. Declaration of arrangements made between Eadsige, priest, and Christ Church concerning land at Appledore, Warehorne, Berwick, Orpington, Palster and Wittersham, Kent. s. xiii

S1471, f. 143r-v: c. A.D. 1045. Agreement between Archbishop Eadsige and Æthelric concerning land at Chart, Stowting, Milton and a haga in Canterbury, all in Kent. The land at Chart had been purchased by Archbishop Ceolnoth wth his own money from the thegn Hæletha and granted to him by charter by Æthelwulf, king of Wessex (A.D. 839 x 856; cf. CCC 18, S 1625). s. xiii

S1535, f. 143v: A.D. 1042 x 1053, possibly 1046. Will of Wulfgyth, including bequests of land at Stisted, Essex, to her sons Ælfketel and Ketel, for life, with reversion to Christ Church (Canterbury); at Walsingham in East Carleton, East Carleton and Harling, Norfolk, to her sons Ulfketel and Ketel; at Saxlingham, Norfolk, and Somerton (or Somerleyton), Suffolk, to her daughters, Gode and Bote; at Chadacre, Suffolk, and Ashford (? Kent) to her daughter Ealdgyth; and at Fritton (Norfolk or Suffolk) to Earl Godwine and Earl Harold. s. xiii

S1234, ff. 143v-144r: A.D. 1052 x 1070, possibly 1054 ([London]). Brihtmær of Gracechurch (London) to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of reversion of land (at Gracechurch) with All Hallows Church, after the death of his wife, Eadgifu, and his sons, Eadmær and Æthelwine. s. xiii

S959, f. 144r-v: A.D. 1023. King Cnut to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of the port of Sandwich. s. xiii

S959, ff. 144v-145r: A.D. 1023. King Cnut to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of the port of Sandwich. s. xiii

S1089, f. 148v: A.D. 1052 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that he has granted to Archbishop Stigand and the community at Christ Church all the lands that they had in the time of his predecessors and in his own time. s. xiii