s. xii

Type of MS.:
Davis no.: v. sub 366-8
Related MSS:
Comment: NB Laud note in margin of SDK's annotated copy Historia Eliensis

Charters contained:

S572, f. 22r: A.D. 956 for 954 x 955. King Eadred to Ely Abbey; grant of 15 hides (cassati) at Stapleford, Cambs., to be in the charge of Wulfstan, the king's sequipedus; with an additional grant of 3 hides at Bardfield in Stapleford and a mill and pasture at Derneforde (Dernford Farm, Cambs.). s. xii

S779x, ff. 24v-25r: A.D. 970 (Woolmer, Hants.). King Edgar to Ely Abbey; confirmation of privileges and of land at Melbourn and Armingford, Cambs., and at Northwold, Norfolk, in exchange for 60 hides (cassati) at Harting, Sussex. s. xii

S780x, f. 26r: A.D. 970. King Edgar to Ely Abbey; grant of 10 hides (cassati) in the common land at Linden End in Aldreth, Cambs. s. xii

S781x, f. 33v: A.D. 970. King Edgar to Ely Abbey; grant of 10 hides (cassati) at Stoke near Ipswich, Suffolk. s. xii

S907x, f. 38v: A.D. 1004. King Æthelred to Ely Abbey; grant of 20 hides (mansae) at Littlebury, Essex. s. xii

S919, ff. 41v-42r: A.D. 1008. King Æthelred to Ely Abbey; grant of 19 hides (cassati), comprising 2 hides (mansae) at Hadstock and 10 at Stretley Green in Littlebury, Essex; and 7 at Linton, Cambs., in return for 9 pounds of pure gold. s. xii

S958x, f. 43v: A.D. 1022 (St Æthelthryth's Day = 23 June). King Cnut to Abbot Leofric and Ely Abbey; grant of land at Wood Ditton, Cambs., in exchange for land at Cheveley, Cambs. s. xii

S1520, f. 45v: A.D. 1017 x 1035. Will of Leofflæd, including bequests of land at Balsham, Cambs., to Ely Abbey; at Stetchworth to her daughters Ælfwyn and Æthelswith, for life, with reversion to Ely Abbey; at Wetheringsett, Suffolk, to her daughter, Leofwaru. s. xii

S1051, ff. 46v-47r: A.D. 1042 x 1066. King Edward to Ely Abbey; grant of land at Lakenheath and confirmation of privileges and of land at Ely, Swaffham Prior, Horningsea, Wood Ditton, Hauxton, Newton, Stapleford, Great Shelford, Triplow, Melbourn, Armingford, Little Gransden, Stetchworth, Balsham, Fulbourn, Teversham, Westley Waterless, Trumpington, West Wratting, Snailwell, Fen Ditton, Hardwick, Milton, Impington, Cottenham, and Willingham, Cambs.; at Hartest, Glemsford, Hitcham, Rattlesden, Drinkstone, Nedging, Barking, Barham, Wetheringsett, Livermere, Occold, Wicklow, Sudbourne, Melton, Kingston, Hoo, Stoke (near Ipswich), Debenham, Brightwell, Woodbridge and Brandon, Suffolk; at Feltwell, Bridgeham, Methwold, Croxton, Weeting, Mundford, Bergh Apton, Westfield, Fincham, Northwold, Walpole, Marham, Dereham, Thorpe and Pulham, Norfolk; at Hadstock, Littlebury, Stretley (Green) in Littlebury, the two Rodings, Rettendon, Amberden (Hall) in Debden, Broxted, Easter, Fambridge and Terling, Essex; at Hadham, Hatfield and Kelshall, Herts.; at Spaldwick, Somersham, Colne and Bluntisham, Hunts. s. xii

S1100, f. 47v: A.D. 1045 x 1066, possibly 1055 x 1066. Writs of King Edward announcing that he has appointed Wulfric to the office of abbot of Ely with full privileges. s. xii