s. xvii

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Tite, Early Records.
Related MSS: Extracts from Augustus VI (perhaps), Tiberius A. XI, C. IX, E. VIII, Caligula A. II, Claudius B. VI or C. IX, Nero A. VI (perhaps), Vitellius C. X, F. XVII, Titus A. XXV, D. XVI, Cleopatra C. VII, D. VI, Faustina A. III (probably)
Comment: Does not use Cleopatra B. IV.

Charters contained:

S168x, pp. 12-13: A.D. 811 (London, 1 August). Coenwulf, king of Mercia, to Wulfred, archbishop; grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) at Appincg lond in Rainham, 2 sulungs at Suithhunincg lond at Graveney near Faversham, and 2.5 hagae in Canterbury, all in Kent, in return for 126 mancuses. s. xvii

S1043x, pp. 30-31: A.D. 1066 (Westminster, 28 Dec.). King Edward to Westminster Abbey, First Charter; confirmation of privileges and of lands, comprising (a) 17.5 hides at Westminster, 20 at Hendon, 5 at Hampstead, 12 hides and 1 uirga at Greenford, 8 hides at Hanwell, 8 at Shepperton, 7 at Sunbury, Middx.; 10 at Aldenham, 4 hides and 1 uirga at Datchworth, 4.5 hides at Watton(-at-Stone), 6.5 at Holwell, Herts.; 2 at Ham, 4 at Wennington, 5 at Kelvedon (?), 4 at Fanton in North Benfleet, Essex; 10 at Morden, Surrey; 2 at Ewell, Kent; 7 at Parham, 3 at Chollington in Eastbourne, 4 at (West) Chiltington, Sussex; (b) Moulsham [granted by Leofcild], Kelvedon Hatch (?) [granted by Æthelric], Maplestead [granted by Wulfwine], Kelvedon, Rayne and Latchingdon [granted by Guthmund), Wanstead [granted by Ælfric], Leyton [granted by Ætsere Swearte], Paglesham [granted by Ingulf], Essex; Lessness, Kent [granted by Ætsere]; Claygate, Surrey [granted by Tostig]; Ayot St Lawrence, Herts. [granted by Ælfwine]; Denham [granted by Wulfstan], a half hide at Amersham and 1 hide at Weedon, Bucks. [granted by Siward]; 2.5 hides at Wormley, Herts. [granted by Leofsige of London]; and (c) grant of land at Launton, Islip, Oxon.; Staines, Middx; Windsor, Berks.; Wheathampstead, Herts.; Stevenage, Ashwell, Herts.; Deene, Sudborough, Northants.; Perton, Staffs.; Rutland [after the death of Queen Edith]; Pershore, Worcs.; and Deerhurst, Gloucs. s. xvii

S1096x, p. 33: A.D. 1058 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that he has granted to Wulfwold, abbot of Chertsey, sake and soke over his lands in London and over his own men. s. xvii

S1148x, p. 54: A.D. 1065 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that he has given to Westminster Abbey the estate at Islip where he was born and a half hide at Marston, Oxon. He directs his kinsman Wigod of Wallingford to transfer the land to the abbey on his behalf. s. xvii

S1225, p. 72: c. A.D. 1040. Thurketel to Bury St Edmunds; grant of land at Culford, Wordwell and Ixworth, Suffolk. s. xvii

S1489, pp. 72-73: A.D. 1023 x 1038.Will of Ælfric, bishop (of Elmham), including bequests of land at Worlingworth, Suffolk, and at Hunstanton, Holme, Tichwell and Docking, Norfolk, to Bury St Edmunds; at Grimston, Norfolk, to Leofstan, the dean; and instructions to sell land at Walsingham and Fersfield, Norfolk; also bequests of land at Egmere, Norfolk, part to Ælfwine and part to Ufi, the prior; the mill at Guist, Norfolk, to Edwin, the monk; land at Roydon, Norfolk, to Ælfwig, the priest; and at Moulton (probably Suffolk) to Sibriht; also a messuage in Norwich to St Edmunds and one in London to St Peter's. s. xvii

S528x, pp. 73-74: A.D. 947. King Eadred to Oswig, minister; grant of 20 hides (mansae) at Merstham, Surrey. s. xvii

S188x, p. 95: A.D. 831 (Wychbold, Worcs.). Wiglaf, king of Mercia, to Wulfred, archbishop; grant of 5 hides (cassati) at Botwell in Hayes, Middx. s. xvii

S186x, p. 95: A.D. 822 (Bydictun, 17 September). Ceolwulf, king of Mercia and Kent, to Wulfred, archbishop; grant of 5 sulungs (aratra) at Mylentun, near Kemsing, Kent, in return for a gold ring worth 75 mancuses. s. xvii

S1196, pp. 95-96: ? A.D. 859. 1. Plegred declares that he has purchased from Æthelmod, dix, a half tun which previously pertained to Wilburgewellan near Canterbury (? Well near Ickham), Kent. 2. Æthelmod grants the land to Plegred. s. xvii

S230x, pp. 96-97: A.D. 680 (? for 685). Cædwalla, king, to Wilfrid, bishop; grant of 70 hides (tributarii) at Pagham, Shripney, Charlton, Bognor, Bersted, North Bersted, Crimsham, North and South Mundham (and, in the shortened version, Slindon), all in Sussex, and to the community at St Andrew's church situated on the east of the harbour called Uedringmutha (Pagham Harbour), grant of 10 hides (tributarii) at Tangmere, Sussex. s. xvii

S1203x, p. 97: A.D. 875. Eardwulf to Wighelm; grant of 1 sulung and a 'yokelet' at Hamme (? Ham in Romney Marsh, Kent), in return for 120 mancuses of gold; with confirmation by Archbishop Plegmund, A.D. 890 x 923. The land had been given to Eardwulf by King Alfred. s. xvii

S808x, pp. 98-99: A.D. 963 x 971. King Edgar to the church of Canterbury; grant of Sandwich, Kent. s. xvii

S1454, pp. 99-100: A.D. 990 x 992. Record of a dispute between Wynflæd and Leofwine about land at Hagbourne and Bradfield, Berks., and at Datchet, Bucks., which was settled at the shire-moot at Cwicelmshlæwe (Scutchamer Knob, Berks.). s. xvii

S338x, p. 100: A.D. 867 (Canterbury). Æthelred, king of Wessex and Kent, to Wighelm, presbyter; grant of a seat in the church of St Martin, with land appurtenant. s. xvii

S40x, p. 100: A.D. 805 (26 July, Acleah). Cuthred, king of Kent, to Wulfred, archbishop; grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) at Hrithra leah, part of an estate of 15 hides (manentes) at Buckholt in Petham, Kent, in return for 30 mancuses. s. xvii