s. xvii

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Kelly, St Augustine's, p. lxii; Kelly, Abingdon, p. lxvii [R]
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Comment: 1638=40, 1st draft of the Monasticon Some taken from Spelman's Councils. S 1179 from Cotton Claudius B. VI, S 184 from copy of inspeximus

Charters contained:

S239, p. 11v: A.D. 687 (5 July). Ine, King of Wessex, to Hean, abbot; grant of 15 hides (cassati) at Bradfield, 15 at Bestlesforda (near Basildon), 25 at Streatley and 80 at Æaromundeslee, all in Berks. s. xvii

S138, A.D. 795 for 792 (Æt Beranforda [? Barford, Warwicks.], 4 May). Offa, king of Mercia, to St Albans church; grant of 30 hides (manentes), consisting of 12 at Winslow, Bucks.; 3 at Scelfdune sive Baldiningcotum; 10 at Scuccan hlaw vel Fenntun (cf. Warren Farm in Horwood, Bucks.) with the wood called Horowudu (Horwood, Bucks.); and 5 at Lygetune (? Luton, Beds., or Leyton, Essex). s. xvii

S1000, A.D. 1043. King Edward to Coventry Abbey; confirmation of privileges and of land, as granted by Leofric, dux, at Southam, Grandborough, Bishops Itchington, Honington, Kings Newnham, Ufton, Chadshunt, Priors Hardwick, Chesterton, Wasperton, Snohham, Birdingbury, Marston in Wolston, Long Marston, Ryton, Walsgrave on Sowe, Warwicks.; Salwarpe, Worcs.; Easton, Ches.; Kilsby and Winwick, Northants.; Burbage, Barwell, Scraptoft and Packington, Leics. [incorporating a privilege of Pope Alexander] s. xvii

S2, f. 7r: A.D. 605 (Canterbury). Æthelberht, king of Kent, to St Peter; grant of land to the east of Canterbury for the foundation of a minster. s. xvii

S809x, f. 7v: A.D. 961 x 971 (? 963). King Edgar to St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury; grant of 4 sulungs (aratra) at Plumstead, Kent. s. xvii

S5, f. 8r: A.D. 604 x 616. Æthelberht, king, to Mellitus, bishop, and St Paul's minster; grant of land at Tillingham, Essex. s. xvii

S184x, f. 13r: A.D. 821. Coenwulf, king of Mercia, to Abingdon Abbey; grant of 15 hides (mansae) at Culham, Oxon., with pasture at Otney (near Sutton Courtenay), Berks. s. xvii

S15x, f. 24r: A.D. 694 (17 July). Wihtred, king of Kent, to Æbba, abbess; grant of 4 sulungs (aratra) at Humantun in Thanet, Kent. s. xvii

S1246x, f. 25r-v: A.D. 677 for 687 or 688. Eorcenwold, bishop of the East Saxons, to the nunnery of Barking; grant of privileges and grant and confirmation of lands, comprising 40 hides (cassatae) at Barking and Beddanhaam (probably Barking) [given to Eorcenwald by King Suidfrid], 75 hides (manentes) at Ricingahaam, Bydinhaam, Dagenham, Angenlabeshaam and Widmundes felth (Wyfields in Great Ilford) [granted by Oedilred, cf. S 1171], and 10 hides at Childerditch [also granted by Oedilred], all in Essex; and 53 hides at Isleworth, Middx. [granted by King Æthelred (of Mercia)]; 70 hides at Battersea beside Hydaburna (the river Wandle), Surrey [granted by King Ceadwalla (of Wessex), cf. S 1248]; 1 hide iuxta London [granted by King Wulfhere (of Mercia)]; 10 hides supra vicum Londoniae [granted by Quoengyth, wife of .......aldi]; and 40 hides (cassatae) at Swanscombe and Erith, Kent [granted by King Æthelred (of Mercia)]. s. xvii

S1250, f. 26r-v: A.D. 714. Statement by Ecgwine, bishop of the Hwicce, of the lands he acquired for the minster at Evesham, including the minster at Fladbury, Worcs. [obtained from King Æthelred (of Mercia) in exchange for the minster at Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwicks.]; 20 hides (mansae) at Twyford, Worcs. [granted by Osward, Æthelred's brother]; 84 hides on both banks of the river Avon [granted by Cenred, king of Mercia]; 8 hides [granted by Æthelric, adolescens]; and land at the following places: Evesham, Bengeworth, Hampton, Lenchwick, Mortun (probably for Norton), Offenham, Littleton, 'the other Littleton', Badsey, Wickhamford, Church Honeybourne, Bretforton, all in Worcs.; Willersey, Gloucs.; Weethley, Sambourne, Kinwarton, Salford Priors and Abbots Salford, Warwicks.; Ombersley, Oldberrow, Abbots Morton, Worcs.; Bourton-on-the-Water, Maugersbury, Adlestrop, (Lower) Swell, Gloucs.; Mappleborough, Warwicks.; and Childswickham, Worcs. s. xvii

S80x, ff. 26v-27v: A.D. 709. Cenred, king of Mercia, and Offa, ruler of the East Angles, to the monastery at Evesham; confirmation of 67 hides (mansae) at Evesham, Lenchwick, Norton, Offenham, Littleton, Aldington, Badsey, Bretforton, Church Honeybourne, Willersey, Wickhamford, Bengeworth, Hampton, and at Abbots Morton, all in Worcs. except Willersey, Gloucs. s. xvii

S167, ff. 30r-31v: A.D. 811 (9 November). Coenwulf, king of Mercia, founds Winchcombe Abbey. s. xvii

S250, ff. 33r-34v: A.D. 725. Ine, king (of Wessex), to the church at Glastonbury; grant of 10 hides at Brent, 10 at Sowy (cf. Middlezoy, Westonzoyland), 20 at Pilton, 20 at Doulting and 1 at Bleadney, Somerset, and confirmation of land at Meare, Beckery, Godney, Marchey, Andersey (Nyland), Lantocai (? Leigh in Street), Pennard and Pouelt (cf. Polden Hills), Somerset, with general grant of privileges and reference to dependent churches at Sowy, Middlezoy, Brent, Moorlinch, Shapwick, Street, Butleigh and Pilton. s. xvii

S66, f. 34v: A.D. 685. Ecgfrith, king of Northumbria, to Cuthbert; grant of land at Crayke, Yorks. N.R., and at Lugubalia (Carlisle). s. xvii

S391, ff. 40r-41r: A.D. 843 for 934 (Dorchester, Dorset, 2nd day of Easter). King Athelstan to Milton Abbey; grant of 26 hides at Milborne (St Andrew), 5 at Woolland, 3 at the mouth of the river Frome, i.e. at Ye (St Helen's, now Green Island), and at Ower, 3 at Clyffe in Tincleton, 3.5 at Lyscombe, 1 at Burleston, 1 at Little Puddle, 5 at Cattistock, 6 at Compton Abbas, 2 at Whitcombe, 5 at Osmington, 6 at Holworth, all in Dorset; and a weir at Twynham (Christchurch), Hants.; river rights at Weymouth, Dorset; and 30 hides at Sydling, 2 at Chalmington and 6 at Hillfield, Dorset; and 10 at Ercecombe (Yarcombe) or Stokelonde (Stockland), Devon. s. xvii

S407, ff. 42r-43r: A.D. 930 for 934 (Nottingham, 7 June). King Athelstan to the church of St Peter, York: grant of land at Amounderness, Lancs. s. xvii

S451, ff. 43v-44v: A.D. 925 (for 927 x 939). King Athelstan to St John's, Beverley; grant of privileges. s. xvii

S779, ff. 47r-v, 55r: A.D. 970 (Woolmer, Hants.). King Edgar to Ely Abbey; confirmation of privileges and of land at Melbourn and Armingford, Cambs., and at Northwold, Norfolk, in exchange for 60 hides (cassati) at Harting, Sussex. s. xvii

S792, ff. 55v-57r: A.D. 973. King Edgar to Thorney Abbey; grant of privileges and confirmation of land at Whittlesey, Cambs.; Water Newton, Woodston, Yaxley and Farcet, Hunts.; Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincs.; Teafolscet; and 2 hides (mansae) at Huntingdon. MS 3 adds Wittering, Oxney, Thorpe and Titchmarsh, Northants; Gedney, Lutton, Angarhala (lost) and Tydd, Lincs.; and Broughton, Hunts. s. xvii

S911x, ff. 58r-60v: A.D. 1005. King Æthelred to Eynsham Abbey; confirmation of the foundation by Æthelmær, the endowment including (a) 30 hides (mansiunculae) at Eynsham [acquired from his father Æthelweard in exchange for 3 hides at Upottery, Devon; 10 at Little Compton, Warwicks.; 10 at Lawling in Latchingdon, Essex; and 13 at Scildforda]; (b) 5 hides at Shipton-on-Cherwell and the vill at Shifford, Oxon [granted by King Edgar to Brihtnoth, dux, and bequeathed by Leofwine to Æthelmær]; (c) Mickleton, Gloucs. [granted by charter by King Edgar to Brihtnoth, and bequeathed by Brihtnoth to Æthelmær]; (d) 5 hides at Burton [given to Æthelmær by Æthelweard]; (e) 1.5 hides at Marlcliff in Bidford-on-Avon and 2 at Bentley in Holt, Worcs. [among lands forfeited by Leoftæt, for which Æthelmær gave 30 pounds to King Edgar]; (f) 10 hides at Yarnton, Oxon. [acquired from Godwine, in exchange for 5 hides at Studley, Warwicks. or Oxon., and 10 at Chesterton, Warwicks. or Oxon.]; (g) 20 hides at Esher, Surrey [granted by Brihthelm, bishop, to Æthelweard, and bequeathed by Æthelweard to his son, Æthelmær]; (h) land at Thames Ditton, Surrey (cf. S 847); and (i) Rameslege (lost, corresponds with Brede, Sussex) [bequeathed to Eynsham by Wulfin (Wulfwyn), Æthelmær's kinswoman]. s. xvii

S786x, ff. 66r-67r: A.D. 972. King Edgar to Pershore Abbey; grant of privileges and restoration of land at Pershore, and of 10 hides (mansi) at Bricklehampton, 10 at Comberton, 5 at Pensham in Pershore St Andrew, 16 at Eckington, 10 at Birlingham, 10 at Defford, 10 at Strensham, 10 at Besford, land at Cromban (? Croombe Perry in Pirton), 10 hides at Severn Stoke, 10 hides at Pirton, 4 at Wadborough in Pershore Holy Cross, 3 at Chevington ibid., 3 at Broughton ibid., 10 at Peopleton, 10 at Snodsbury, 7 at Naunton Beauchamp, 4 at Abberton, 5 at Wihtlafestune (? North Piddle), 5 at Flyford, 5 at Grafton Flyford, 5 at Dormston, 5 at Martin Hussingtree, 3 at Broughton Hackett, 2 at Libbery in Grafton Flyford, 30 at Longdon, 7 at Powick, 3 at Beornothesleahe (Leigh), all in Worcs.; 3 at Acton Beauchamp, Herefords.; 40 at South Stoke (i.e. Hawkesbury), Hillesley, Tresham, Kilcott, Oldbury on the Hill, Didmarton, Badminton and Hawkesbury Upton, 10 at Dyrham, 5 at Longney, 6 at Lydney, 6 at Wyegate, all in Gloucs.; 5 at Beoley, 5 at Yardley, Worcs.; 10 at Sture (Alderminster, Warwicks.); 20 at Broadway, Worcs.; 5 at Coltune; 10 at Childs Wickham, Gloucs.; sites for vats at Middlewich and Netherwich in Droitwich, furnaces at Witton in Droitwich and 1.5 hides at Horton in Hampton Lovett, Worcs., and 3 iugera with meadow at Worcester. s. xvii

S980, f. 72r-v: A.D. 1021 x 1023. King Cnut to Bury St Edmunds Abbey; grant of privileges and of renders of fish from Welle (Upwell and Outwell, Norfolk) and of eels from Lakenheath, Suffolk. s. xvii

S1055, ff. 76v-77r: A.D. 1044 x 1047. King Edward to the church of St Benedict (of Holme); confirmation of land at Horning, Neatishead, Hoveton, Belaugh, South Walsham, Worstead, Honing, Thurgarton, Thwaite, Calthorpe, Tottington, Erpingham, Antingham, North Walsham, Swanton Abbot, Scotton, Lamas, Easton, Hautbois, Ludham, Beeston St Lawrence, Stalham, Waxham, Winterton, Somerton, Thurn, Ashby, Rollesby, Caister-by-Yarmouth, Reedham, Norton Subcourse, Woodbastwick, Ranworth, Shotesham, Grenvills in Stoke Holy Cross, Tibenham, Norfolk. s. xvii

S1226, f. 78r-v: A.D. 1043. Leofric, comes of Chester, founds Coventry Abbey; grant of land at Coventry, Honington, Kings Newnham, Chadshunt, Bishops Itchington, Ufton, Southam, Grandborough, Birdingbury, Marston in Wolston, Priors Hardwick, Wasperton, Chesterton, Snohham, Ryton, Walsgrave on Sowe, Long Marston, Warwicks.; Salwarpe, Worcs.; Eaton, Ches.; Kilsby and Winwick, Northants.; Burbage, Barwell, Scraptoft and Packington, Leics. s. xvii

S1033, ff. 80v-81r: A.D. 1061. King Edward to St Mary's, Rouen; grant of Ottery St Mary, Devon. s. xvii

S1043, ff. 84r-87v: A.D. 1066 (Westminster, 28 Dec.). King Edward to Westminster Abbey, First Charter; confirmation of privileges and of lands, comprising (a) 17.5 hides at Westminster, 20 at Hendon, 5 at Hampstead, 12 hides and 1 uirga at Greenford, 8 hides at Hanwell, 8 at Shepperton, 7 at Sunbury, Middx.; 10 at Aldenham, 4 hides and 1 uirga at Datchworth, 4.5 hides at Watton(-at-Stone), 6.5 at Holwell, Herts.; 2 at Ham, 4 at Wennington, 5 at Kelvedon (?), 4 at Fanton in North Benfleet, Essex; 10 at Morden, Surrey; 2 at Ewell, Kent; 7 at Parham, 3 at Chollington in Eastbourne, 4 at (West) Chiltington, Sussex; (b) Moulsham [granted by Leofcild], Kelvedon Hatch (?) [granted by Æthelric], Maplestead [granted by Wulfwine], Kelvedon, Rayne and Latchingdon [granted by Guthmund), Wanstead [granted by Ælfric], Leyton [granted by Ætsere Swearte], Paglesham [granted by Ingulf], Essex; Lessness, Kent [granted by Ætsere]; Claygate, Surrey [granted by Tostig]; Ayot St Lawrence, Herts. [granted by Ælfwine]; Denham [granted by Wulfstan], a half hide at Amersham and 1 hide at Weedon, Bucks. [granted by Siward]; 2.5 hides at Wormley, Herts. [granted by Leofsige of London]; and (c) grant of land at Launton, Islip, Oxon.; Staines, Middx; Windsor, Berks.; Wheathampstead, Herts.; Stevenage, Ashwell, Herts.; Deene, Sudborough, Northants.; Perton, Staffs.; Rutland [after the death of Queen Edith]; Pershore, Worcs.; and Deerhurst, Gloucs. s. xvii

S1041x, f. 88r: A.D. 1065 (Westminster, 28 Dec.). King Edward to Westminster Abbey, Third Charter; grant and confirmation of privileges. s. xvii

S774x, ff. 88r-89v: A.D. 969 (15 May). King Edgar to St Peter's, Thorney (i.e. Westminster Abbey); confirmation, reciting a bull of Pope John, of liberties and of land at Ham (in East Ham), Wennington, Essex; Morden, Surrey; Fanton (Hall) in North Benfleet, Essex; Aldenham, Herts.; Bleccenham and Lothereslege (both lost, in Hendon), Middx; Holwell, Datchworth and Watton-at-Stone, Herts.; Chollington in Eastbourne, Sussex; Staines, with Teddington, Halliford, Feltham and Ashford, Middx. s. xvii