s. xv 1, New Minster Winchester

Type of MS.: Chronicle-cartulary
Davis no.: 1051
Bibliography: Miller, New Minster, pp. xl-xli, xliii-xliv, xliv-xlv [H]
Related MSS: Lansdowne 717 = abridgement by John Stow in 1572; Stowe 58 is copy of that
Provenance: Sir Henry Spelman; in Wanley's catalogue of the sale of Spelman's books in 1709 [Harley 7055]. Walter Clavell. George Parker, 2nd earl of Macclesfield (d. 1764)

Charters contained:

S1507, ff. 8v-12r: A.D. 873 x 888. Will of King Alfred, including bequests of land at Lambourn and Wantage, Berks.; at Stratton in Trigg and elsewhere in Cornwall; at Axmouth, Branscombe, Cullompton, Exminster, Hartland, Lifton, Tiverton, Whitchurch, Devon; at Sturminster Marshall, Dorset; at Candover, Crondall, Hurstbourne Priors, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Kingsclere, Meon, Hants.; at Arreton in the Isle of Wight; in Kent; at Cannington, Carhampton, Chewton Mendip, Crewkerne, Kilton, Wedmore and Yeovil, Somerset; at Eashing, Godalming, Guildford, Leatherhead and Thunderfield Castle, Surrey; at Aldingbourne, Angmering, Beckley, Beeding, Beddingham, Dean, Ditchley, Felpham, Lyminster, Rotherfield, Sutton and Steyning, Sussex; at Amesbury, Ashton Keynes, Bedwyn, Chippenham, Chisledon, Edington and Pewsey, Wilts.; also æt Suttune (Sutton, Hants. or Wilts.), æt Aweltune (Alton, Hants., or Alton Priors, Wilts.), æt Deone (? East and West Dean, Sussex, or West Dean, Wilts.), æt Sutheswyrth (? Lustleigh in Devon), æt Mylenburnam (? Silverton, Devon), æt Welewe and æt Welig (Wellow in Hants., Wilts. or Somerset), æt Cumtune (Compton) and æt Burnham (Somerset); the beneficiaries including Winchester (Cathedral) and the king's children. s. xv 1

S1443x, f. 12v: c. A.D. 900. Record of the acquisition by King Edward from Bishop Denewulf and the community at Winchester, in exchange for St Andrew's church, of land at Winchester for the foundation of a monastery; also of the acquisition by the king of land by St Gregory's church. s. xv 1

S360, ff. 13v-15r: A.D. 900 (Southampton). King Edward to New Minster, Winchester; grant of 100 hides (cassati) at Micheldever, Hants. With bounds of Micheldever, Cranbourne, Curdridge, Durley, Rigeleah (Slackstead), and Candover, Hants., and note, in English, that 7 hides at Worthy belong to Micheldever. s. xv 1

S365, f. 15r-v: A.D. 901. King Edward (to New Minster, Winchester); grant of 15 hides (mansae) at Abbotts Ann, Hants. s. xv 1

S374, ff. 15v-16r: A.D. 904 (Bickleigh, Devon). King Edward to St Peter's Minster, Winchester; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Micheldever, Hants. s. xv 1

S379, f. 16r-v: A.D. 921 (Wilton, Wilts., 11 Jan.). King Edward to Wulfgar, minister; grant of 10 hides (cassatae) at Collingbourne Kingston, Wilts. s. xv 1

S366, f. 17r: A.D. 901 (Southampton). King Edward (to New Minster, Winchester); grant of 50 hides (manentes) at Chisledon, Wilts. s. xv 1

S418, ff. 18v-19v: A.D. 932 (Amesbury, Wilts., 24 December). King Athelstan to Alfred, minster; grant of 12 hides (cassatae) at North Stoneham, Hants. s. xv 1

S1509, f. 19v: A.D. 932 x 939. Alfred, thegn, bequeaths land at North Stoneham, Hants., to his wife for life, with reversion to New Minster, Winchester. s. xv 1

S1491, ff. 19v-20v: A.D. 955 x 958. Will of Ælfsige, bishop (of Winchester), concerning land at Taunton, Somerset; Crondall, Abbots Ann, the two Worthys (possibly Kings Worthy and Martyr Worthy), Clere (Burghclere or Highclere), Tichborne, Ringwood, all in Hants., the beneficiaries including the king and Old and New Minsters, Winchester. s. xv 1

S470, ff. 20v-21r: A.D. 940. King Edmund to New Minster, Winchester; grant of 30 hides (mansae) at Pewsey, Wilts. s. xv 1

S505, f. 21r: A.D. 945 (30 March). King Edmund to Æthelnoth, his presbyter: grant of a monastic dwelling (mansio) at Basing and 2 hides (cassati) at Lickpit, with appurtenant woodland at Oakridge and further appurtenances at Binfields, and at Middesellum (all Hants., except perhaps Middesellum), in return for 50 solidi of gold. s. xv 1

S1418, f. 21r-v: A.D. 946 x 953. Æthelnoth, priest, to New Minster, Winchester; grant of land at Basing, Hants., and elsewhere, which he had been given by King Edmund. s. xv 1

S1417, f. 21v: A.D. 924 x 933. The familia of New Minster, Winchester, to Alfred, minister of King Athelstan; lease, for three lives, of 20 hides (cassati) at Chisledon, Wilts., in return for 80 mancuses of gold and an annual rent of 80 shillings. s. xv 1

S1515, ff. 22r-23r: A.D. 951 x 955. Will of King Eadred, including bequests of land at Downton, Wilts., Damerham, Hants. (formerly Wilts.) and Calne, Wilts., to Old Minster, Winchester; at Wherwell, Andover and Kingsclere, Hants., to New Minster, Winchester; at Shalbourne, Wilts., Thatcham, Berks., and Bradford (? -on-Avon, Wilts.), to Nunnaminster, Winchester; at Amesbury, Wilts., Wantage, Berks., and Basing, Hants., with land in Sussex, Surrey and Kent to his mother. s. xv 1

S526, f. 23r-v: A.D. 947. King Eadred to Eadwulf, priest; grant, for, life of 10 hides (mansae) at Leckford, Hants., with reversion of 5 hides to Nunnaminster in Winchester and 5 hides to the church where he is buried. s. xv 1

S1419, f. 23v: A.D. 947 x 955. Eadwulf, mæsse preost, to New Minster and to Nunnaminster, Winchester; grant of 10 hides at Leckford, Hants. [given to Eadwulf by King Eadred], each beneficiary receiving 5 hides. s. xv 1

S648, f. 24r: A.D. 957. King Eadwig to New Minster, Winchester; grant of 7 hides (cassati) at South Heighton, Sussex. s. xv 1

S641, f. 24r-v: A.D. 957. King Eadwig to Æthelgeard, his faithful minister; grant of 15 hides (mansae) at Sotwell, Berks. s. xv 1

S1496, f. 24v: A.D. 957 x c. 958. Æthelgeard to his wife, for her lifetime; bequest of Sotwell, Berks., with reversion to New Minster, Winchester. s. xv 1

S660, ff. 24v-25r: A.D. 959. King Eadwig to New Minster, Winchester; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Bighton, Hants., with lease, for life, by the Minster to Ælfric, the king's minister, in return for 60 mancuses of gold. s. xv 1

S745, ff. 27v-29r: A.D. 966. King Edgar to New Minster, Winchester; refoundation and grant of privileges. s. xv 1

S746, f. 29r-v: A.D. 966. King Edgar to New Minster, Winchester; grant of 5 hides at Donnington, 28 at Southease, 10 at Telscombe, Sussex, and 2 at Winterburna (Addeston in Maddington, Wilts.). s. xv 1

S1589, f. 29r-v: Bounds of Winterburna (i.e. Addeston in Maddington, Wilts.) s. xv 1

S842, ff. 31r-32v: A.D. 982. King Æthelred to New Minster, Winchester; confirmation of 13 hides (mansae), comprising 7 hides (manentia) on the Isle of Wight at Heantune, Bathingbourne, Meolocdune and Stathe, together with 5 hides (cassata) at Fratton on Portsea Island, 1 at Segenworth in Titchfield and a meadow by the river Meon, Hants. The lands had been forfeited by Lufa, sold for 100 mancuses by King Æthelred to Ealdorman Æthelmær, and bequeathed by Æthelmær to New Minster (cf. S 1498). s. xv 1

S845, ff. 32v-33r: A.D. 983. King Æthelred to Æthelgar, bishop (of Selsey); grant of a meadow (Hyde Moors) in the northern part of Winchester, Hants. s. xv 1

S865, f. 33r-v: A.D. 987. King Æthelred to Æthelwold; grant of 10 hides (manentia) at Manningford Abbots, Wilts. s. xv 1

S1505, ff. 33v-34r: After A.D. 987. Will of Æthelwold, including bequests of 10 hides at Manningford Abbots, Wilts., to his wife for life, with reversion to New Minster, Winchester; and of land at Uptune (? Upton Scudamore, Wilts.) to his son. s. xv 1

S869, f. 34r-v: A.D. 988 (16 April). King Æthelred to Æthelgar, bishop (of Selsey); grant of 7 hides (manentia) at South Heighton, Sussex, granted to Æthelgar by Ælfric, comes, in exchange for land at Lamburna. s. xv 1

S877, ff. 34v-35v: A.D. 996. King Æthelred to Ælfthryth, his mother; grant of 3.5 (sulunga) at Brabourne, 3.5 at Evegate, 2 at Burhwarefelda, 3 at Nackington, 3 at Chalk and 1 at Wirigenn (? Perry), Kent, forfeited by Wulfbald for many crimes. Ælfthryth gives in exchange land at Cholsey, Berks. With an account of Wulfbald's forfeiture in English. s. xv 1

S1498, ff. 35v-36v: A.D. 977 x 982. Will of Æthelmær, ealdorman, including bequests of 13 hides previously held by Lufa, to New Minster, Winchester; of land at Tidworth, Hants., to his wife, with reversion to New Minster; and of land at Igeneshamme (? Inglesham, Wilts. or Eynsham, Oxon.) and Cottesmore (lost, in Broadwell, Oxon.) to his sons. s. xv 1

S1420, f. 36v: A.D. 995 x 1005. Ælfsige, abbot, and the community of New Minster, Winchester, to Wulfmær; lease, for his life and his wife's, of one hide at Barton Stacey, with reversion of this and a further hide at Drayton, Hants., to the minster. s. xv 1