s. xi, Christ Church Canterbury

Type of MS.: Addition to Gospelbook
Davis no.: 177
Bibliography: Ker, Cat., 284
Related MSS: Cotton Tiberius B. IV is a detached leaf.
Comment: MacDurnan Gospels
Provenance: Parker. Archbp Herring 1754. Francis Howel 1755.

Charters contained:

S1386, f. 69v: A.D. 1020. Writ of Archbishop Wulfstan informing King Cnut and Queen Ælfgifu (Emma) that Æthelnoth has been consecrated to the see of Canterbury. s. xi

S959x, f. 70r: A.D. 1023. King Cnut to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of the port of Sandwich. s. xii

S1564, f. 114r: Boundary between dioceses of Canterbury and Rochester. s. xi

S1466, f. 114r: A.D. 1038 x 1050. Agreement between Archbishop Eadsige and Toki, confirming arrangements made in the time of Archbishop Æthelnoth about land at Halton, Bucks. (cf. S 1464). s. xi

S986, f. 114v: A.D. 1020. Writ of King Cnut declaring that he has granted to Archbishop Æthelnoth judicial and financial rights over his own men, and over Christ Church, and over as many thegns as the king has granted him to have. s. xi

S1464, f. 115r: A.D. 1020 x 1038 (Monks Risborough, Bucks.). Agreement between Archbishop Æthelnoth and Toki concerning land at Halton, Bucks., bequeathed to Christ Church by Wulfnoth. s. xi