s. xi, Christ Church Canterbury

Type of MS.: Addition to Gospelbook
Davis no.: 177
Bibliography: Ker, Cat., 284; Tite, Early Records, pp. 106-7
Related MSS: Detached leaf of Lambeth 771 [Macdurnan]
Comment: Probably moved from Lambeth 1370 by Joscelyn when it was in Parker's possession.
Provenance: MacDurnan ex Parker, F. Howel. Tiberius B. IV ex Joscelyn. Cotton: lent at least host MS to Francis Tate, Humfrey Wanley

Charters contained:

S988, recto : A.D. 1035. Writ of King Cnut declaring that he has granted to Archbishop Æthelnoth all the landed property that Ælfmær had. s. xi

S987, verso : A.D. 1035. Writ of King Cnut declaring that Archbishop Æthelnoth is to continue to discharge the obligations on the lands belonging to the archbishopric at the same rate as he has done hitherto, both before and after the appointment of Æthelric as reeve. s. xi