s. xi, Hereford

Type of MS.: Addition to Gospelbook
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Ker, Cat., 119; New Pal. Soc. pl. 234
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Charters contained:

S1462, f. 134r-v: A.D. 1016 x 1035. Account of a dispute between Edwin, son of Enniaun, and his mother, concerning land at Wellington and Crydesleah (? lost in Briley), Herefords. s. xi

S1469, f. 135r: A.D. 1043 x 1046. Memorandum that Leofwine, brother of Leofflæd, has purchased from Eadric, son of Ufic, a half hide at Mansell, Herefords., for half a mark of gold, a pound of silver and two ores. s. xi