A.D. 970. King Edgar to the church of St Peter, Bath; grant of 10 hides (cassati) at Clifton, near Bath, in exchange for 100 mancuses of gold and 10 hides (mansae) at Cumtun (Chilcompton or Compton Dando, Somerset). The land is to be for the use of the monks, just as Abbot Æscwig obtained it. Latin with English bounds




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    • Flebilia fortiter detestanda titillantis seculi piacula diris obscene horrendeque mortis circumsepta latratibus, non nos patria indepte pacis securos, sed quasi fetide corruptele in uoraginem casuros, prouocando ammonent, ut ea toto mentis conamine cum casibus suis non solum despiciendo, sed etiam uelut fastidiosam melancolie nausiam abominando fugiamus, tendentes ad illud propheticum, ‘Diuitie si affluant, nolite cor apponere’. Qua de re, infima quasi peripsema quisquiliarum abiciens, superna ad instar pretiosorum monilium eligens, animum sempiternis in gaudiis figens, ad adipiscendam melliflue dulcedinis misericordiam perfruendamque infinite letitie iocunditatem, ego Eadgar, per omnipatrantis dexteram totius Brittannie regni solio sullimatus, quandam ruris particulam, .x. uidelicet cassatos, in loco qui celebre æt Cliftune nuncupatur, ecclesie beato Petro apostolorum principi dedicate, ciuitate que celebri æt hatum Baðum nuncupatur onomate, perpetua largitus sum hereditate, quatinus rus prefatum ad usus monachorum inibi degentium, uti Æscwig abbas suo obtinuit famulatu, deuote eterna deseruiat subiectione. Dedit enim pro huius commutatione telluris .c. auri mancusas ac .x. terre mansas quam illius patrie gnostici Cumtun assuete nominant. Predicta igitur tellus cum omnibus utensilibus, pratis uidelicet, pascuis, siluis aquarumque discursibus, supradicte iugiter subiciatur ecclesie. Sit autem predictum rus omni terrene seruitutis iugo liberum, tribus exceptis, rata uidelicet expeditione, pontis arcisue restauratione. Si quis igitur hanc nostram donationem in aliud quam constituimus transferre uoluerit, priuatus consortio sancte Dei ecclesie, eternis baratri incendiis lugubris iugiter cum Iuda Christi proditore eiusque complicibus puniatur, si non satisfactione emendauerit congrua quod contra nostrum deliquit decretum. His metis prefatum rus hinc inde giratur. Ðis synt þara .x. hida land gemæra to Cliftune. Ærest Afene stream healt þone norð ende, of Afene upp on Smalancumbes broc, þon’ on æþelburge weg, þon’ upp on holan weg, þon’ of holan wege suð on ecge on hygelaces get, þon’ on tunnes treow, þon’ on ærning hyrste on þa hege ræwe on Horscumbes broc, andlang broces upp in Horscumbes heafod, þon’ suð rihte on Wodnes dic, of Wodnes dic on Fosse streat, andlang Afene upp eft on Smalancumbes broc. Anno dominice incarnationis .dcccclxx. scripta est hec carta, his testibus quorum inferius nomina carraxantur. Ego EADGAR rex prefatam donationem cum sigillo sancte + confirmaui. Ego Dunstan Dorobornensis ecclesie archiepiscopus eiusdem regis donationem + signo confirmaui. Ego Ælfstan episcopus consignaui. + Ego Æðelwold episcopus consensi. + Ego Osulf episcopus confirmaui. + Ego Winsige episcopus consolidaui. + Ego Oswald episcopus subscripsi. + Ego Ælfwold episcopus corroboraui. + Ego Ælfstan episcopus annui. + Ego Wulfric episcopus concessi. + Ego Wulfsige episcopus ascripsi. + Ego Eadelm episcopus testificaui. + Ego Ælfwold episcopus concessi. + Ego Æscwig abbas. + Ego Ælfstan abbas. + Ego Æþelgar abbas. + Ego Kyneward abbas. + Ego Ælfheah abbas. + Ego Foldbriht abbas. + Ego Godwine abbas. + Ego Osgar abbas. + Ego Ælfric abbas. + Ego Brihtnoð abbas. + Ego Osweard abbas. + Ego Ælfhere dux. + Ego Ælfeah dux. + Ego Ordgar dux. + Ego Æþelstan dux. + Ego Æþelwine dux. + Ego Oslac dux. + Ego Brihtnoð dux. + Ego Wulfstan m’. + Ego Æþelweard m’. + Ego Æinulf mil’. + Ego Osulf mil’. + Ego Ælweard m’. + Ego Ælfwine mil’. + Ego Eadwine m’. + Ego Ælfric mil’. + Ego Ælfhelm m’. + Ego Ælfsige m’. + Ego Wulfstan m’. + Ego Winsige m’. + Ego Wulfget m’. + Ego Æþelsige. + Ego Brihtric. +
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    • The lamentable sins of a tottering [reading ‘totillans’ for MS ‘titillans’] age strongly to be execrated, hedged round by the harsh barking of repulsive and frightful death, admonish us (not secure in our fatherland with a peace that has been gained but, as it were, about to fall into the abyss of stinking decay), by rousing us to flee those things with their misfortunes, not only by despising them with the whole effort of our mind but also by abominating them, just like the disgusting nausea of melancholy, directing our course towards that prophecy, ‘If riches breathe on one, do not place the heart near’. Wherefore, casting away the lowest, as it were, off-scourings of rubbish, choosing as an image the highest of precious necklaces, forming one’s soul in eternal joys, in order to acquire the mercy of honied sweetness and enjoy the pleasure of limitless delight, I, Edgar, elevated through the favour of the All-Accomplishing One to the throne of the kingdom of the whole of Britain, have granted as a perpetual inheritance a certain parcel of land, namely 10 hides, in a place that is famously called Cliftun [i.e., Lyncombe], to the church dedicated to the blessed Peter, chief of the apostles, in the city which notable men call by name Bath, in order that the aforementioned land be employed with pious eternal submission for the use of the monks living there, as Abbot Æscwig obtained for his monastic community. For he gave in exchange for this land 100 gold mancuses and 10 hides of land which people knowledgeable about that district customary call Cumtun [Chilcompton or Compton Dando]. Therefore let the aforementioned land with all its appurtenances, namely meadows, pastures, woods and watercourses, be subject perpetually to the church mentioned above. Moreover, may the aforementioned land be free from all yoke of earthly servitude, with three exceptions, namely the fixed military service [and] the restoration of bridge and fortress. If anyone, therefore, should wish to change this gift of ours to something other than we have decided, may he, deprived of the fellowship of the holy church of God, be punished by the mournful eternal fires of Hell perpetually with Judas, the betrayer of Christ, and his accomplices, if he should not make amends with appropriate penance because he has transgressed against our decision. The aforementioned land is surrounded on either side by these boundaries. These are the boundaries of the ten hides at Lyncombe. First the river bounds the north end; from the Avon up to Smallcombe’s brook; then to Æthelburg’s way; then up to hollow way; then from hollow way south along the edge to Hygelac’s gate; then on Tunn’s tree; then to Earn’s wooded hill; along the hedgerow to Horsecombe’s brook; along the brook up to the head of Horsecombe; then due south to Wansdyke; from Wansdyke to Fosse Way; along the Avon back up to Smallcombe’s brook. This document was written in the year of the incarnation of the Lord 970, with these witnesses whose names are written below. I, EDGAR, king, confirmed the aforementioned gift with the sign of the Holy Cross. I, Dunstan, archbishop of the church of Canterbury, has confirmed with the mark + the gift of the same king. I, Ælfstan, bishop [of London], signed with a cross. + I, Æthelwold, bishop [of Winchester], agreed. + I, Oswulf, bishop [of Ramsbury], confirmed. + I, Wynsige, bishop [of Lichfield], validated. + I, Oswald, bishop [of Worcester], subscribed. + I, Ælfwald, bishop [of Sherborne or Crediton], confirmed. + I, Ælfstan, bishop [of Rochester], assented. + I, Wulfric, bishop [of ?Hereford], granted. + I, Wulfsige, bishop [of Cornwall], subscribed. + I, Eadhelm, [bishop of Selsey], bore witness. + I, Ælfwald, bishop [of Sherborne or Crediton], agreed. + I, Æscwig, abbot [of Bath]. + I, Ælfstan, abbot [of ?Old Minster, Winchester]. + I, Æthelgar, abbot [of New Minster, Winchester]. + I, Cyneweard, abbot [of Milton]. + I, Ælfheah, abbot. + I, Foldberht, abbot [of Pershore]. + I, Godwine, abbot. + I, Osgar, abbot [of Abingdon]. + I, Ælfric, abbot [of Malmesbury]. + I, Beorhtnoth, abbot [of Ely]. + I, Osweard, abbot [of Evesham]. + I, Ælfhere dux. + I, Ælfheah dux. + I, Ordgar, dux. + I, Æthelstan, dux. + I, Æthelwine, dux. + I, Oslac, dux. + I, Byrhtnoth, dux. + I, Wulfstan, minister. + I, Æthelweard, minister. + I, Eanwulf, mil’. + I, Oswulf, mil’. + I, Ælfweard, m’. + I, Ælfwine, mil’. + I, Edwin. m’. + I, Ælfric, mil’. + I, Ælfhelm, m’. + I, Ælfsige, m’. + I, Wulfstan, m’. + I, Wynsige, m’. + I, Wulfgeat, m’. + I, Æthelsige. + I, Beorhtric. +
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    • De Cumtona . Flebilia fortiter detestanda titillantis seculi piacula diris obscenæ horrendæque mortis circumsepta latratibus . non nos patria indeptæ pacis securos . set quasi fætidæ corruptelæ in voraginem casuros provocando ammonent . ut ea toto mentis conamine cum casibus suis non solum despiciendo . set etiam velut fastidiosam melancoliæ nausiam abominando fugiamus . tendentes ad illud propheticum . 'Divitiæ si affluant . nolite cor apponere' 1 . Qua de re infima quasi peripsema quisquiliarum abiciens . superna adinstar preciosorum monilium eligens animum sempiternis in gaudiis figens . ad adipiscendam mellifluæ dulcedinis misericordiam perfruendamque infinitæ lætitiæ jocunditatem . ego Eadgar per omnipatrantis dexteram totius Brittanniæ regni solio sullimatus . quandam ruris particulam . X . videlicet cassatos in loco qui celebre æt Cliftune . nuncupatur ecclesiæ beato Petro apostolorum principi dedicatæ . civitate quæ celebri æt Hatum Ba∂um nuncupatur onomate . perpetua largitus sum hereditate ; quatinus rus prefatum ad usus monachorum inibi degentium uti Æscwig abbas suo obtinuit famulatu devote æterna deserviat subjectione . Dedit enim pro huius commutatione telluris . C . auri mancusas . ac . X . terræ mansas . quam illius patriæ gnostici Cumtun . assuete nominant . Predicta igitur tellus cum omnibus utensilibus pratis videlicet . pascuis . silvis . aquarumque discursibus supradictæ jugiter subiciatur æcclesiæ . Sit autem predictum rus omni terrenæ servitutis jugo liberum . tribus exceptis . rata videlicet expeditione . pontis arcisve restauratione . Si quis igitur hanc nostram donationem in aliud quam constituimus transferre voluerit ; privatus consortio sanctæ Dei æcclesiæ eternis baratri incendiis lugubris jugiter cum Juda Christi proditore ejusque complicibus puniatur . si non satisfactione emendaverit congrua . quod contra nostrum deliquit decretum . Divisiones. His metis præfatum rus hinc inde giratur . ˘is synt ˇara . X . hida land gemære to Cliftune . Ærest afene stream healt ˇone nor∂ ende . Of afene upp on smalancumbes broc . ˇonne on Æˇelburge weg . ˇonne upp on holan weg . ˇonne of holan wege su∂ on ecge on Hygelaces get . ˇonne on Tunnes treow . ˇonne on ærning hyrste on ˇa hege ræwe . on horscumbes broc . Andlang broces upp in horscumbes heafod . ˇonne su∂ rihte on Wodnes dic . Of Wodnes dic . on fosse streat andlang afene . upp eft on smalen cumbes broc . Anno dominicæ incarnationis .dccclxx. scripta est hæc carta . his testibus quorum inferius nomina carraxantur . Ego Eadgar rex prefatam donationem cum sigillo sancte . + . confirmavi . Ego Dunstan Dorobernensis æcclesiæ archiepiscopus ejusdem regis donationem . + signo confirmavi . Ego Ælfstan episcopus consignavi . + . Ego Æ∂elwold episcopus consensi . + . Ego Osulf episcopus confirmavi . + . Ego Winsige episcopus consolidavi . + . Ego Oswald episcopus subscripsi . + . Ego Alfwold episcopus corroboravi . + . Ego Ælfstan episcopus annui . + . Ego Wulfric episcopus concessi . + . Ego Wulfsige episcopus ascripsi + . Ego Eadelm episcopus testificavi . + . Ego Alfwold episcopus concessi . + . Ego Æscwig abbas + . Ego Ælfstan abbas + . Ego Æˇelgar abbas + Ego Kyneward abbas . + Ego Ælfheah abbas + . Ego Foldbriht abbas + . Ego Godwine abbas . + . Ego Osgar abbas + . Ego Ælfric abbas . + . Ego Brihno∂ abbas . + . Ego Osweard abbas . + . Ego Ælfhere dux . + . Ego Ælfheah dux . + . Ego Osgar dux . + . Ego Æˇelstan dux . + . Ego Æˇelwine dux + . Ego Oslac dux . + . Ego Brihno∂ dux + . Ego Wulfstan miles . + . Ego Æˇelweard miles . + Ego Æinulf miles . + . Ego Osulf miles . + . Ego Ælweard miles . + . Ego Ælfwine miles . + . Ego Eadwine miles . + . Ego Ælfric miles . + . Ego Ælfhelm miles . + . Ego Ælfsige miles . + . Ego Wulfstan miles . + . Ego Winsige miles . + . Ego Wulfget miles . + . Ego Æˇelsige . + . Ego Brihtric + .