A.D. 956. King Eadwig to Ælfswith, the faithful woman; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Corston, Somerset. Latin with English bounds




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    • In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Cum ob recordationem eui labentis memorandi littere inuente dinoscuntur, uisum est regibus sua dona precipue predia tyronibus accommodata grammate prenotari, ut postgenitis luceat dignitas merita singulorum. Quapropter ego Eadwig rex Anglorum cuidam fideli femine nomine Ælfswyðe decem mansas ubi dicitur æt Corsatune in ius hereditarium concedo, cum omnibus ad se pertinentibus ad possidendum et ad dandum perhenniter solutum omni iugo regali, preter expeditionem, pontis et arcis munimen. Etenim liquet neminem licere amouere hoc donum, nisi anathema fieri pro minimo ducat. Peractum est hoc anno dominice incarnationis .dcccclvi., imperii uero mei primo anno. Þis is þara .x. hida landgemære æt Corsatune. Ærest of Afene up andlang Corsan on ecles cumb suðeweardne, ðet west be wealle, eft syð be wealle þær up ofer feld on ða riht land gemære, on þone sidling weg to wuda, of wuda be ecge on þa ðreo land gemære, þanon norð to wege on gerihte on wimundes stan, of þam stane norð andlang weges, þær est of þam wege on gerihte to brynes cumb suðeweardne, a norð be ecge, of ecge east on stan well broc, andlang broces eft on Afene. Ego Eadwig rex Albionis hoc donum per triumphum sancte + impressi. Ego Eadgar indoles clito consensi. + Ego Oda archiepiscopus corroboraui. + Ego Ælfsige episcopus confirmaui. + Ego Oscytel episcopus adquieui. + Ego Osulf episcopus dictaui. + Ego Byrhtelm episcopus annui. + Ego Daniel episcopus subscripsi. + Ælfgar dux. + Æþelstan dux. + Ælfhere dux. + Æþelstan dux. + Eadmund dux. + Æþelmund dux. + Æðelwold dux. + Byrhtferð minister. + Æþelmer minister. + Ælfred minister. + Ælfric minister. + Wulfgar minister. + Ælfwine minister. + Æþelgeard minister. +
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    • In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Since the discovery of letters is acknowledged for the record of this transitory age to be remembered, it has seemed to kings that their gifts, especially landed estates lent to subordinates, should be noted in advance in writing in order that the meritorious decree of individuals may shine amongst their successors. Wherefore, I, Eadwig, king of the English, grant in hereditary right to a certain faithful woman, Ælfswith by name, ten hides where it is called Corston, with all that belongs to it, to possess and to give eternally, free from all royal obligation, except for military service [and] the defence of bridge and fortress. May it be granted that no-one be permitted to set aside this gift unless he should count on being cursed at the very least. This was executed in the year of the Lord’s incarnation 956, in the very first year of my reign. These are the boundaries of the ten hides at Corston. First from the Avon up along Corston Brook to the south of ecles combe; again <south> along the wall; then up over the cleared land to the straight boundary; along the sidelong way to the wood; from the wood along the edge to the (junction of) three boundaries; then north to the way straight to Wimund’s stone; from the stone north along the way; then east from the way straight to the south of Bryni’s coomb; north along the edge; from the edge east to stone spring brook; along the brook back to the Avon. I, Eadwig, king of Albion, have imprinted this gift with the sign of the holy +. I, Edgar, offspring [and] clito, agreed. + I, Oda, archbishop [of Canterbury], corroborated. + I, Ælfsige, bishop [of Winchester], confirmed. + I, Oscytel, bishop [of Dorchester], acquiesced. + I, Oswulf, bishop [of Ramsbury], wrote [this] down. + I, Beorhthelm, bishop [? of London], assented. + I, Daniel, bishop [of Cornwall], subscribed. + Ælfgar, dux. + Æthelstan, dux. + Ælfhere, dux. + Æthelstan, dux. + Edmund, dux. + Æthelmund, dux. + Æthelwald, dux. + Beorhtfrith, minister. + Æthelmær, minister. + Alfred, minister. + Ælfric, minister. + Wulfgar, minister. + Ælfwine, minister. + Æthelgeard, minister. +
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    • De . X . hidis Corstunæ . In nomine Patris et filii et spiritus sancti . Cum ob recordationem evi labentis memorandi litteræ inventæ dinoscuntur . visum est regibus sua dona præcipue prædia tyronibus accommodata grammate prænotari . ut postgenitis luceat dignitas merita singulorum . Quapropter ego Eadwig rex Anglorum cuidam fideli feminæ nomine Ælfswydæ decem mansas ubi dicitur æt Corsatune . in jus hereditarium concedo . cum omnibus ad se pertinentibus ad possidendum et ad dandum . perhenniter solutum omni jugo regali præter expeditionem pontis et arcis munimen . Etenim liquet neminem licere amovere hoc donum . nisi anathema fieri pro minimo ducat . Peractum est hoc anno Dominciæ incarnationis . DCCCC . LVI . Imperii vero mei primo anno . Divisiones. ˝is is ˇara X hida land gemære æt Corsatune . Ærest of Afene up and lang corsan on ecles cumb su∂eweardne ∂at west be wealle . eft sy∂ be welle ˇær up ofer feld on ∂a riht land gemære on ˇone sidlingweg to wuda . of wuda be ecge on ˇa ∂reo land gemære . ˇanon nor∂ to wege on gerihte on wimundes stan . of ˇam stane nor∂ andlang weges ˇær est of ˇam wege on gerihte to brynes cumb su∂weardne . a nor∂ be ecge . of ecge east on stanwell broc . and lang broces eft on Afene . Ego Eadwig rex Albionis hoc donum per triumphum sanctæ + impressi . Ego Eadgar indoles clito consensi . + . Ego Oda archiepiscopus corroboravi . + . Ego Ælfsige episcopus confirmavi . + . Ego Oscytel episcopus adquievi . + . Ego Osulf episcopus dictavi . + . Ego Byrhtelm episcopus annui . + . Ego Daniel episcopus subscripsi . + . Ælfgar dux . + . Ælfhere dux . + . Eadmund dux . + . Æ∂elwold dux . + . Æˇelmer minister . + . Ælfric minister . + . Ælfwine minister . Æˇelstan dux . + . Æˇelstan dux . + . Æˇelmund dux . + . Byrhtfer∂ minister . + . Ælfred minister . Wulfgar minister . Æˇelgeard minister .