(A.D. 946.) Kings Edmund, Eadred and Eadwig to Christ Church (Canterbury); restoration of land at Twickenham, Middlesex; Preston, Ealdingtun (? Monkton in Thanet), Swarling, Wingham, Kent; Graveney, Bossington, Ulcombe and Tarring, Sussex. Latin


Canterbury, Christ Church


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3. London, British Library, Add. 4548, ff. 44r-47r (s. xviii)
4. London, Lambeth Palace Library, 1212, p. 394 (s. xiii)


K, 405; B, 811


Stevenson 1914, p. 702, spurious; Wallenberg, KPN, pp. 266-7, on place-names; Gelling, ECTV, no. 216, spurious; Brooks 1984, pp. 220-1, 232, 326, spurious

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    • + In nomine saluatoris nostri Iesu Christi et omnium sanctorum eius. Nos Dei gratia reges fideles reddimus tellures has quas predecessores nostri a fratribus Christique ecclesie seruis retrahere consuerunt. Et nunc gratia Domini nostri Iesu Christi Eadmundus rex uidelicet ac Eadredus necnon et Eadwig subscribere uillulas optamus et semper in euo fratribus concessimus liberaliter ad induendum corpora Deo ibi seruiencium quamdiu Christianitas in templo sancto Christi teneatur. Hec sunt nomina antiquo usu imposita uillulis: Tuiccanham, Preostatun, Ealdingtun, Sweordlingas, Winingham, Grafenea, Bosingtun, Ulancumbe. Teorringas rex Aethelstan in honorem Christi predicte uero dedit ecclesie. Si quis uero catholicorum aut regum aut episcoporum aut prefectuum hoc decretum augere uoluerit, adaugeat illi Deus tempora bona in seculo et uitam eternam in futuro. Si uero quispiam minuere aut uiolare aut omnino <satagerit> infringere, sciat se cum Caipha et Pilato simulque Iuda traditore misero inferno inferiori demersum esse, nisi ante eius obitum grauibus penis se affligat et digna satisfaccione emendet quod incredibiliter gessit contra nostrum fidele decretum. Hec est concessio Eadmundi regis et Eadredi regis et Eadwigi regis. Ego Eadmundus rex hanc donacionem largifluam cum signo sancte crucis Christi roboraui. Ego Eadredus rex consensi et subscripsi. Ego Eadwy rex consensi et subscripsi. Ego Wolfhelmus Dei gratia archiepiscopus hanc piam largicionem uexillo sancte crucis Christi confirmaui. Plures etiam alii tam clerici quam laici consencientes subscripserunt.
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    • + In the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ and all his saints. By the Grace of God we, faithful kings, are returning these lands which our predecessors were accustomed to withdraw from the brethren and the servants of Christ Church. And now by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ King Edmund and Eadred likewise and Eadwig wish to note down these settlements and have granted them freely forever to the brethren for clothing the bodies of those serving God there as long as Christianity is kept in the holy temple of Christ [i.e., Christ Church]. These are the names bestowed by ancient practice on the settlements: Twickenham, Preston, Ealdingtun, Swarling, Wingham, Graveney, Bossington, Ulcombe. King Æthelstan indeed gave West Tarring in honour of Christ to the aforementioned church. If indeed any Catholic kings or bishops or prefecti should wish to increase this decree, may God increase fortunate times for him in this world and eternal life in the future. If indeed anyone should try to reduce or violate or completely destroy [this], let him know that he will be drowned with Caiaphas and Pilate and also with the wretched traitor Judas in the depths of Hell unless he afflicts himself with serious punishments before his death and makes amends with a worthy penance, because he has acted disobediently against our faithful decree. This is the grant of King Edmund and King Eadred and King Eadwig. I, Edmund, king, validated this generous gift with the sign of the holy cross of Christ. I, Eadred, king, agreed and subscribed. I, Eadwig, king, agreed and subscribed. I, Wulfhelm, by the Grace of God archbishop [of Canterbury], confirmed this pious bestowal with the sign of the holy cross of Christ. Also several others, both clerics and laymen, agreeing, subscribed.
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    • + In nomine salvatoris nostri Jhesu Christi 7 omnium sanctorum ejus . Nos Dei gratia Reges fideles reddimus tellures has quas prædecessores nostri a fratribus Christique ecclesie servis retrahere consuerunt . Et nunc gratia domini nostri J