A.D. 670 for 924 x 939. King Athelstan to the monastery of SS Mary and Peter, Exeter; grant of 5 hides (cassati) at Stoke (Stoke Canon, Devon). Latin with English bounds




1. Exeter, D.C., 1705 (s. xiv)


Blake 1974, pp. 51-2, perhaps forged in time of Bishop Leofric; Hooke 1994, p. 137, boundary clause same as in S 389

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    • + Anno ab incarnatione dominicæ dclxx . indictione xi . Ego Æ∂elstan rex Anglorum dabo pro æterna retributione et pro expiatione animæ meæ quinque cassatos ubi incolæ vocitant Culumstocc . Deo et sanctæ Mari&a