A.D. 670 for 924 x 939. King Athelstan to the minster of SS Mary and Peter, Exeter; grant of 5 hides (cassati) at Culmstock, Devon. Latin with English bounds




1. Exeter, D.C., 2519 (s. xi; OS Facs., ii, Exeter 2)
2. Exeter, D.C., 3672 (s. xv; no witnesses)
3. London, British Library, Cotton Charters xi. 11 (s. xv; bounds only)
4. London, British Library, Cotton Vitellius D. VII, f. 22r (s. xvi; last part only)


Hickes, Diss. Epist., p. 6; K, 373; Davidson 1883, p. 267; B, 724; Earle, pp. 328-9; Pierquin, Recueil, pt 2, no. 67; Hooke 1994, p. 138, bounds only


Davidson 1883, pp. 266-7, substitute for original; PN Devon, p. 612 n; Finberg, ECDC, no. 23, 11th-century reconstruction of original lost in 1003; Robertson, Charters, p. 307, 474, suspicious; spurious; Chaplais 1966, pp. 5-9 (no. 1), spurious, MS 1 written in mid 11th-century in same hand as S 387, 389 MS 1 and 433 MS 3 (= 1981 XV, pp. 5-9); Blake 1974, pp. 51-2, perhaps forged in the time of Bishop Leofric; Dumville 1979, p. 8, on terminology; Loyn 1980, pp. 296-7; Hooke 1991-2, p. 89; Hooke 1994, pp. 137-41, on bounds; Abrams 1996, pp. 101-3, on estate history

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    • Endorsements in various hands: to Culumstoce Regis Æ∂elstani donatio Qulumstoc Carta de Columstoke + Anno ab incarnatione dominicæ dclxx . indictione xi . Ego Æ∂elstan rex Anglorum dabo pro æterna retributione et pro expiatione animæ meæ quinque cassatos ubi incolæ vocitant Culumstocc . Deo et sanctæ Mariæ necnon et sancto Petro principi apostolorum ad monasterium quod ab incolis nominatur Exanceaster . ut habeat quamdiu fides catholica in gente Anglorum maneat . Precipimus quoque . et obsecramus in Dei omnipotentis nomine et in sanctæ trinitatis honore . ut nullus homo in aliquo tempore . umquam hanc nostram donationem infringere ausus sit . Sed stabilis sit coram Deo et hominibus usque in seculum . Si quis autem hoc in aliquo frangere vel minuere temptaverit . sciat se in æterna dampnatione puniri . nisi hic celeriter emendet . Huius agri termini hæc sunt . Ærest on hacapenn foreweard adun on secgwyll ˇanon on craducc ˇonne anlang streames on culumford of ˇæm forde to ˇorn wylle ˇanon to bryd wylle ˇanon to ˇære ænlipan æc ˇanon anlang herpo∂es on heanhangran middeweardne ˇanon on hwitan beorh ˇanon on gerihtne on fengel ˇanon on gerihtne to ∂am ealdan geweorce ˇanon on byrichangran ˇonne up on gyran torr ˇanon on ˇone hwyrfel ˇanon on ˇone ˇorn ˇanon on peon mynet easteweard ˇanon ongerihte on ˇa lace adun on culum up of culum on ∂a ealdan lace on burhgeardes wor∂ig ˇanon ongerihtne to rancumb ˇanon west on gerihtne be ecge on hacapenn foreweardne . + Ego Æ∂elstan rex Anglorum hanc meam donationem cum sigillo sanctæ crucis impressi . + Ego Eadmund indolis clito . consensi . + Ego Wulfhelm archiepiscopus dictavi . + Ego Ælfheah episcopus adquievi . + Ego Æ∂elgar episcopus notavi . + Ego Brihtelm episcopus favi . + Ego Wynsige episcopus conclusi . + Wulfgar dux . + Ælfhere dux . + Æ∂elstan dux . + Odda minister . + Wulfhelm minister . + Ælfheah minister . + Æ∂elfer∂ minister . + Wihtgar minister .