A.D. 688 (19 Aug.). Cædwalla, king, to Aldhelm, abbot; grant of 140 hides (manentes) on both sides of the wood called Kemele (Kemble, Gloucs.), 30 on the east side of the wood of Braydon, Wilts., and 5 at the confluence of the rivers Avon and Wylye. Latin




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    • In nomine Domini nostri Iesu Christi saluatoris. Omnia que uidentur temporalia sunt et que non uidentur eterna sunt. Et iterum lubrica seculi fragilitas ostenditur, cum per apostolum eundem dicitur: Nichil intulimus in hunc mundum; uero nec auferre quid possumus. Iccirco terrenis ac caducis eterna et mansura celestis infule corona comparanda est. Quamobrem ego Cedwalla, regnante Domino rex, aliquam terram pro anime mee remedio et indulgentia piaculorum meorum conferre ac donare Aldhelmo <abbati> deuota mente decreueram, id est ex utraque parte silue cuius uocabulum est Kemele, de orientali plaga termini stratarum usque famosum amnem qui dicitur Temis, .cxl. manentes, et in alio loco .xxx. de orientali parte silue Bradon, et .v. manentes ubi coniunguntur duo flumina, Abon et Wilig; et hoc maxime ad piscationem fratrum. Ita firmiter et immobiliter hec largitio in futuram posterorum progeniem <permaneat>, ut nullus frangere huius donationis priuilegium presumat. Si quis uero contra hanc munificentiam, tyrannica potestate inflatus, uenire temptauerit, sciat se obstaculum ire Dei incurrere et in ultimo examine, coram Christo et angelis eius, rationem reddere. Scripta est autem hec munificentia indictione .xiii., anno ab incarnatione Christi .dclxxxviii., mense Augusto, .xiiii. kalendarum Septembrium die; feliciter. + Ego Hæddi episcopus subscripsi. + Signum manus Kentwini. + Signum manus Cedwallan.
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    • In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour. All things that are visible are temporal and those that are not visible are eternal. And again the hazardous fragility of this world is shown when the same is said through the Apostle: We brought nothing into this world; nor indeed are we able to carry anything away. Therefore the eternal and lasting crown of the heavenly wreath must be obtained through earthly and transitory things. Wherefore I, Ceadwalla, king under the rule of the Lord, had decided with a devout intent to grant and give some land for the salvation of my soul and remission of my sins to Abbot Aldhelm with a devout mind, that is on either side of the wood whose name is Kemble, from the east of the boundary of the streets up to the famous river that is called Thames, 140 hides, and in another place 30 from the eastern side of Braydon Wood and 5 hides where the two rivers, the Avon and the Wylye, join; and this is especially as a fishery for the brethren. May this generous gift remain firm and unchanged among the future offspring of [my] descendants, so that no one should presume to destroy the prerogative of this gift. If anyone, puffed up by tyrannical power, should attempt to act against this generosity, let him know that he will incur the obstacle of the wrath of God and at the final Judgment will render account before Christ and his angels. This generosity was recorded in indiction 13, in the year from the incarnation of Christ 688, in the month of August, 14 kalends of September [i.e., 19th August]. Good luck! + I, Hædde, bishop [of Winchester], subscribed. + Mark of the hand of Centwine. + Mark of the hand of Cædwalla.
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    • + In nomine domini nostri Jhesu Christi ! Omnia 'quæ videntur temporalia sunt , et quæ non videntur æterna sunt.'1 Et iterum lubrica sæculi fragilitas ostenditur , cum per eundum apostolum dicitur : 'Nichil intulimus