A.D. 854. Æthelwulf, king of Wessex, to ?; fragment of a grant of land. Latin with English bounds




1. London, British Library, Cotton Augustus ii. 46 (s. x med.; BM Facs iv. 9)

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    • + Hæc sunt termini .xii. cassatorum . Ærest on lin leage middewearde 7 on hean leage westewearde 7 an gabul dene easteweard . þanne on stapolas . 7 an beonnan þorn . ðonne an tuddeles þorn . 7 an hroces wylle . þonne on wulf beorh . 7 an tuddan ham westeweardne . þanne on brading leage westeweardne . 7 on fearn lege westewearde . þanne on beber burnan . þonne an lawern wylle . 7 an pegdes setl eastewerd. Hæc sunt termini unius cassati . Ærest on hroces wylle . þanne up on þæne weg oþ grenan hlinc þanon on oden uuielle . þanne on dæneheardes hegeræwe . þanon on þa hegeræwe on humbor ford . þanne andlang humber . þanon on eabbincg wylle þanne on risc broc . þanon on þa westran fearn leage . þanne on þæt land þe Æþelswyð cwen 7 Aþelbold ealdorman him geþingedon æt Aþulfe cynge. Si quis hanc meam donationem augere et multiplicare uoluerit augeat Deus bona illius hic et in futuro . Si autem aliquis quod absit diabolica fraude deceptus in magnis aut in modicus hic infringere uel minuere temptauerit nouerit se ab omni æclesia catholica sequestratum et in die iudicii quando cælum et terra mouetur coram Christo et exercitu cælesti nisi ante emendauerit rationem reddat. Scripta est autem hæc cartula anno dominicæ incarnationis .dcccliiii. indictione .i. in uilla regali qui appellatur Uuiltun . die secundo quo pascha celebratur his testibus consentientibus et subscribentibus . quorum nomina infra prenotata cernentibus clare patescunt.
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    • Bounds of the twelve-hide estate. First through the middle of flax clearing and to the west side of high copse [or ‘glade’] and on the east side of tribute valley. Then to the posts. Then to Tuddel’s thorn and to rook’s spring. Then to wolf barrow [or ‘hill’] and on the west side of Tudda’s meadow. Then on the west side of brading copse [or ‘glade’] and on the west side of fern wood [or ‘clearing’]. Then to beaver stream; then to lawern spring [or ‘stream’] and on the east side of pegdes house. Bounds of the single hide. First to rook’s well, then up on the road to green lynchet, then to Oda’s well, then to Deneheard’s hedge-row. Then along the hedgerow to humbor ford, then along the humber to Eabba’s well. Then to rush brook, from there to the western fern wood [or ‘clearing’], then to the estate that Queen Æthelswith and Ealdorman Æthelbald obtained as a favour from King Æthelwulf.