A.D. 935. Extract, with witness, from a charter of King Athelstan. Latin


London, St Paul's


Oxford, Bodleian Library, James 23 (S.C. 3860) (s. xvii)


Hare 1997, p. 65

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    • — Anno Domini .dccccxxxv. — in civitate a Romanis olim constructa quæ Cirnecester dicitur tota optimatum generalitate sub ulnis regiæ dapsilitatis ovanti perscripta est — Ego Æthelstanus singularis privilegii ierarchia preditus rex. etc — Ego Constantinus subregulus. Ego Eugenius subregulus. Ego Howel subregulus. Ego Vithual subregulus. Ego Morcant subregulus. Ego Ælfwine episcopus.
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    • — In the year of the Lord 935 — in the city at one time built by the Romans that is called Cirencester has been recorded by the whole class of nobles rejoicing under the arms of royal generosity — I, Æthelstan, endowed with the rank of extraordinary prerogative, king, etc. — I, Constantine, sub-king. I, Eogan mac Domnaill, sub-king. I, Hywel Dda ap Cadell, sub-king. I, Idwal Foel ab Anarawd, sub-king. I, Morgan ab Owain, sub-king. I, Ælfwine, bishop.