After A.D. 825. Ceolberht, bishop of London, and the community of St Paul, to Sigeric, minister of Wiglaf, king of Mercia; lease of land at Braughing, Herts. Latin with English


London, St Paul's


Oxford, Bodleian Library, James 23 (S.C. 3860) (s. xvii)

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    • Regnante inperpetuum Domino nostro Iesu Christo. Ceolberht episcopus London’ civitatis et congregatio fratrum ecclesiæ sancti Pauli apostoli rogati fuimus a quodam homine, qui nominatus est Sigric et minister Wiglavi regis Merciorum, ut aliquam partem terræ propriæ hæreditatis ecclesiæ sancti Pauli apostoli Christi illi donaremus pro mercede pecuniæ suæ, id est 4or milia argenteis, et huius terræ sunt .x. manentes in loco qui dicitur Breahingas, et nos cogitavimus commodare ei petitionem suam hoc modo, ut habeat Sigric illam terram cuius proprium fruendi ac possidendi et tradendi in genus suum cuicunque voluerit, et nunquam in alienigenum. Et iterum ultra, postquam deficient propinqui eius, quod tunc redeat et detur illa terra ad ecclesiam sancti Andreæ apostoli Christi, quamdiu fides catholica in hac terra permanebit. þæt is þæt gafol .c. peningas. et .xxx. dægwina on herfeste. Ego Sigric rex orientalium Saxonum consensi et subscripsi etc.
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    • Our Lord Jesus Christ ruling forever. Ceolberht, bishop of the city of London and the community of the brethren of St Paul the Apostle had been asked by a certain man who was called Sigeric and was minister of Wiglaf, king of the Mercians, that we might give to him some portion of land from the inheritance of the church of St Paul the apostle of Christ in return for the payment of money from him, that is, 4 thousand in silver coins, and the 10 hides of this land are in the place that is called Braughing, and we have thought to accommodate his request in this way, that Sigeric should have that land with the right of enjoying and possessing and bequeathing it to whomsoever he wishes of his family and never to a non-family member. And furthermore, after his relatives die out, that that land should then return and be given to the church of St Andrew the apostle of Christ as long as the catholic faith remains in this land. That is the rent: 100 pennies and 30 days’ pay at harvest. I, Sigeric, king of the East Saxons, agreed and subscribed, etc.