A.D. 704 x 709. Cenred, king of Mercia, renews the sanctio of Æthelberht, king (of Kent), in favour of St Paul’s, London. Latin


London, St Paul's


Oxford, Bodleian Library, James 23 (S.C. 3860) (s. xvii)

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    • Ego Ceonred rex Merciorum diligenter perscrutari coepi quid animæ meæ utile facerem ut salvus fiam in die Domini, et ecce ad mentem mihi veniebat quod ecclesia sancta quæ sita est in Londonia et noto notamine Paulesbyri dicitur maiori servitute premeretur quam ab Æthelberto rege pio permissum sit, qui hanc ecclesiam fundavit et perhenni libertate sublimavit. Nunc ergo volo ut predicti regis sanctio publice innovetur et firmissime conservetur.
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    • I, Cenred, king of the Mercians, have begun diligently to examine what I should do for the good of my soul in order that I shall be safe on the day of the Lord, and, behold, it came to my mind that the holy church that is located in London and is called by the known designation of Paul’s burh [i.e., St Paul’s Minster] is oppressed by greater servitude than was permitted by Æthelberht, the pious king, who founded this church and raised it with perpetual freedom. Now, therefore, I wish that the enactment of the aforementioned king be publicly renewed and most rigorously preserved.