A.D. 704 x 709. Tyrhtil, bishop (of Hereford), to Waldhere, bishop of London; grant of land at Fulham, Middx. Latin


London, St Paul's


Oxford, Bodleian Library, James 23 (S.C. 3860) (s. xvii)

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    • (a) In nomine Domini nostri Iesu Christi. Ego Tyrhtelus episcopus aliquantulam terræ partem Waldario London’ episcopo pro sua placabili pecunia proferre largirique decreueram, cum consensu et licentia Sigehardi regis Eastseaxonum et Conredi regis Merciorum, quatenus hæc emolumenta ecclesiæ libenter collata peccatorum meorum piacula purgare et indulta supernæ pietatis remedia adipisci valeam. Possessio autem huius terræ .l. manentium sunt in loco qui dicitur Fulanham etc. (b) Anno 701, indict[ione] 14. Ego Tyrhtelus episcopus <gives> ‘Waldario episcopo Londonensi’ Fulanham; consensu et licentia Sigeheardi regis Eastsaxonum et Ceonredi regis Merciorum. <The kings subscribe>. Id est his <testibus> Ego Alricus comes consensi. Ego Eadberhtus comes consensi. Ego Sceafthere comes consensi. Ego Westheah comes consensi. Ego Seaftuwine consensi. Ego Cuthred comes consensi. [.............]
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    • (a) In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I, Bishop Tyrhtel, had decided to profer to and bestow on Wealdhere, bishop of London, a small portion of land in return for an agreed sum of his money, with the agreement and authorisation of Sigeheard, king of the East Saxons, and Cenred, king of the Mercians, in order that that [through] these benefits freely granted to the church I might be able to cleanse the consequences of my sins and gain the favoured salvation of the soul from God in His mercy. Possession of this land of 50 hides are [sic] in the place which is called Fulham, etc. (b) In the year 701, indiction 14. I, Bishop Tyrhtel, <gives> [sic] ‘to Wealdhere, bishop of London’ Fulham; with the agreement and authorisation of Sigeheard, king of the East Saxons and Cenred, king of the Mercians. <The kings subscribe>. That is with these <witnesses>. I, Alric, comes, agreed. I, Eadberht, comes, agreed. I, Sceafthere, comes, agreed. I, Westheah, comes, agreed. I, Sceftwine, agreed. I, Cuthred, comes, agreed. ….