A.D. 844 x 864. Winemund to St Augustine's; grant of land at Burmarsh and at Wyk (Snavewick), Kent.


Canterbury, St Augustine's


1. London, British Library, Add. 53710, f. 19r-v (s. xiv/xv)


Twysden, X Scriptores, col. 1776; Kelly, St Augustine's, no. 23A


Davis 1934, p. 33


Turner 1915, p. xl; Ward 1933; Davis 1934, p. 33, points out that this passage occurs only in the British Library version of Thorne; in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 189 its place is taken by a note of no. 279.; Kelly, St Augustine's, pp. 92-94, appears to be a fabrication

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    • In nomine Dei celi. Ego Wymundus amicus Edwolphi do et concedo Deo sanctoque Augustino terram de Borewarmers cum terra de Wyk inperpetuum liberam sicut predictus dominus meus michi donauit pro redempcione ipsius anime et mee parentumque nostrorum ubi sepulture requiem michi elegi. Si quis hoc infregerit, anathema sit.