A.D. 923. Notes of purchase by Wulfhelm, archbishop, of land near Ealdanstrate, and of land at Wadland and Wlfrethingland (outside Canterbury). Latin with bounds


Canterbury, Christ Church


1. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 189, ff. 195-201v, f. 199v (s. xii)
2. Canterbury, D.C., Reg. P, f. 20r (s. xiii in.)
3. London, Lambeth Palace Library, 1212, p. 321 (s. xiii)
4. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Tanner 223, f. 14v (s. xvi 1)


Twysden, X Scriptores, col. 2218, ex MS 1; K, 1098, ex MS 3; B, 637, ex MSS 3, 4; Earle, pp. 414-14


Robinson 1918, p. 34, correct date possibly A.D. 939; Wallenberg, KPN, pp. 233-4

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    • [A]nno dominice incarnationis .dccccxxiii. Wlfelmus archiepiscopus comparauit .xi. agros, mille denariis puri argenti, iuxta stratam que dicitur Ealdanstrætæ, in occidente hæiuuiningland, in aquilone cingesdic. Item comparauit quosdam agros qui ab incolis nominantur Wadland et Wlfrethingland iuxta locum qui nominatur Ryther ceap. Hiis terminis circumdatur prenominata terra: in oriente publica strata, in australi parte terra Brithulfi, in occidente ciuitas Dorobernie, in aquilone Burhuuare boc æceras.