A.D. 839. Note of purchase by Ceolnoth, archbishop of Canterbury, from Hæleth, princeps, of land at Chart. Latin


Canterbury, Christ Church


1. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 189, ff. 195-201v, f. 199r (s. xii)
2. Canterbury, D.C., Reg. D, f. 319r (s. xv)
3. Canterbury, D.C., Reg. P, f. 19v (s. xiii in.)
4. London, Lambeth Palace Library, 1212, p. 320 (s. xiii)
5. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Tanner 223, f. 14r (s. xvi 1)


Twysden, X Scriptores, col. 2218, ex MS 1; K, 1045; B, 427, ex MS 4


Wallenberg, KPN, p. 183

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    • [A]nno dominice incarnationis .dcccxxxix. Ego Ceolnothus, gratia Dei archiepiscopus Dorobernie, comparaui propria pecunia mea terram nomine Ceart a quodam principe uocato Heleth, consentiente et concedente domino meo rege Atheluulfo et eandem terram liberam proclamante ab omni seculari seruitio et regio tributo, exceptis expeditione, pontis et arcis constructione.