Bounds of Tardebigge, Worcs. English




1. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 119-200, f. 164r (s. xi 2)


Hearne, Heming, p. 362; Hooke 1990, p. 403


Reynolds 2002, pp. 176, 182, 194, on burial feature in bounds, with map; Grundy, Worcs., II, pp. 86-92; Finberg, ECWM, no. 378; Hooke 1985, pp. 62, 169; Hooke 1990, pp. 403-7

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    • ˘is synd ˇa land gemæra into tyrdebicgan. ærest of wi∂ibroce in gates hoh. Of gates ho in sand wællan, 7 of sand wællan in deope wællan. Of deope wællan in heador, of heodore on ˇa greata lindan. And of ˇan greata lindan ˇæt in mær bæc, of mærbæce in arwan stream. And of arwan in in mær broc, of mærbroce on cristel mæl ac. Of cristelmælac in cloddes læhge, of cloddes læhge in cloddes wællan. Of cloddes wællan in ˇa styfecinge, of ˇære styfecingge in mersc hrycges hege. And æfter ˇam hege in ˇæcsic, 7 of ˇam sice on ealhmundes byrigenne. And of ˇære byrigene in ælflæde brycge. Of ælflæde brycge in to ˇære ufere læhge, 7 of ufere læhge in martines mædwe. Of ˇære mædwe to bridene brycge, of britene brycge into hine gemære to ˇam holan broce. And swa andlang broces eft in wi∂ibroc.