Bounds of Pensax, Knighton-on-Teme and Lindridge, Worcs. English




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    • ∂is syndan ˇa land gemæro to Pensaxan. Of Temedan into Mædles bæce, of Mædlesbæce to ryschala. Of ryschala to ∂a woche sæla, of ˇa woche sælan in ∂a hrycges. ∂a hrycgas for∂ into Cornbæces, of Cornbæce into koldesbroc. Of koldesbroc into ealdes wælle sice, of ealdes welle sice into ˇa mær gærdan. Of ˇa mær gærdan into kælflæges fordan. Of kælflæges fordan into dunne bæce, of dunni bæce up into wudewælle sice. Of ∂ære wude wælle to ∂an lam pytte, of ∂an lam pytte riht into ehcteies wælle. Of ectnes wælle sice into ∂ære ealda stræt, ∂a ealda stræt to ∂an blacan mere. Of ∂an blacan mere into strenges burna, of strenges burna into soln hæma broc. Of soln hæma broc into su∂ fordes broc, of su∂ fordes broc to ∂an lange sice. Of ∂an lange sice to ∂æs læs ende, of ∂æs læs ende to sintlæges hyll. Of sint læges hyll into Cricce lades broc, of Criccelades into stoctun. Of stoctun in dunnibæces broc, of dunnibæces broc into deope bæc. Of deopi bæcen up to ∂an bircan, of ∂an bircan to hludi læge. Of hludi læge adun to ∂an fulan fenne, of ∂an fulan fenne riht into ∂a hecge. Of ∂a hecge to ∂a woge ac, of ∂a wogæ ac in ∂ære port stræt. Of ∂ære port stræt to ∂æs lytles sices hæfde, ∂æt lytle sic into Temeda. Temeda up into mædles bæc.