Bounds of Murcott in Crudwell, Wilts. Latin




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    • Hii sunt termini terre de Morcote. Inprimis per quandam lacum directe usque Bradenebrok, et per Bradenebroc directe usque la brode wyþie; et ab eodem loco directe per la slade et per suþe linleye, uidelicet usque la akers brede; et de linleye usque le foxole a mideward, uidelicet in medio; et ab eodem usque la putte; et de la putte usque poheleye, uidelicet in medio; et ab eodem usque urdleye; et tunc directe per metam usque ad fossatum quod appellatur diche; et ab eodem usque ocle, et ab ocle usque ad uillam uersus meridiem.
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    • These are the boundaries of the land at Murcott. First along a certain stream straight to Braydon Brook, and along Braydon Brook straight to the broad willow-tree. And from that point straight by the slade and by south flax-clearing, that is, to the acre’s breadth. And from flax-clearing to the middle of the foxhole, that is, in the middle [translating Old English ‘middeweard’], and from that to the pit, and from the pit to (?) Poha’s wood or clearing, that is, in the middle. And from that to urd wood or clearing, and straight along the boundary to the ditch [or ‘dyke’] which is called dic, and from that to oak wood, and from oak wood to the southern part of the vill [i.e., Crudwell].