Bounds of Eastcourt, Wilts. Latin




1. London, British Library, Add. 15667, f. 34r (s. xiii med.)
2. London, British Library, Lansdowne 417, f. 23v (s. xiv/xv)


K, iii, 467-8; Akerman 1857a, no. 23


Akerman 1857a, no. 23; Grundy, Wilts., II, pp. 114-18; Finberg, ECW, no. 350, associates with S 796

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    • Hii sunt termini de Escote. Inprimis a loco primewaldes putte uersus aquilonem usque le mereweye; et ab illo loco directe per uiam usque le inlonde; et tunc uersus orientem per le inlondes mere usque braden uel brode weye in parte aquilonari, uidelicet ad note graue; et ab eodem per wurwelaue usque smale brok et sic per amnem directe usque foule slowe; et ab eodem per uiam usque contra uiridem uiam del la bruere et tunc uersus meridiem usque le olde weye; et sic per medium hangre usque wynes leye; et ab eodem usque Hykemeres streme; et sic per filum aque usque haywiþeslep; et tunc uersus occidentem per Bradene broke usque le grete wiþie; et ab eodem usque le foule slo; et ab illo loco uersus meridiem usque in le olde dich; et ab eodem directe per fossatum usque le deope slo; et ab eodem usque le olde weye; et tunc per eandem uiam usque pohanleye, uidelicet in medio; et ab eadem leye, uidelicet a parte australi, uersus occidentem usque ad fossatum; et ab eodem fossato uersus occidentem usque Cruddemores lake; et sic per la lake directe usque sunder hamme; et tunc ex parte australi illius pratelli quod appellatur þe souþer hamme directe uersus occidentem per la riþe per spacium unius forlong; et per capita illius forlong directe uersus aquilonem usque le olde dich; et ab eodem fossato per les akeres heueden usque ad locum primo scriptum, scilicet primewaldes putte.
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    • These are the bounds of Eastcourt. First from Primweald’s pit northward to the boundary way, and from that place straight along the way to the inland. And then eastwards along the boundary of the inland to the north side [translating Old English ‘northweard’] of Braydon [or ‘broad way’; these are alternative names], that is, to nut grove, and from there along the woodbank to narrow brook, and thus along the stream straight to foul slough. And from this along the way to [something may be missing here] along the green way of the heath, and then south to the old way, and thus through the middle of the hanger to Wine’s wood [or ‘clearing’], and from that to Hickmoor stream. And thus along the stream to Hægweard’s slippery place, and then west along Braydon Brook to the great willow-tree, and from that to the foul slough, and from that place southward to the old ditch [or ‘dyke’], and from that straight along the ditch to the deep slough, and from that to the old way, and then by that same way to the middle of Poha’s wood [or ‘clearing’]. And from that leah, that is from the south part [translating Old English ‘suthweard’], westwards to a ditch, and from that ditch westwards [recte ‘eastwards’] to crudmores stream. And thus by the lake straight to the separate meadow. And from the southern part of that meadow which is called the southern meadow due west along the stream for the length of a furlong, and along the headlands of this furlong due south to the old ditch [or ‘dyke’], and from that ditch along the headlands of the acres back to the starting-point, that is, Primweald’s pit.