Bounds of Brinkworth, Wilts. Latin




London, British Library, Lansdowne 417, ff. 24v-25r (s. xiv/xv)
1. London, British Library, Add. 15667, f. 35r (s. xiii med.)


Akerman 1857a, p. 270


Finberg, ECW, no. 348, survey ends with statement that property included 5 hides at Charlton and the wode felde by Cleverdon

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    • Hii sunt termini terre de Brenkeworþe. Inprimis a loco qui appellatur Sandeheye usque eferesgete; et ab eodem loco directe per la rode usque dutte mores heye; et sic directe usque Geresburne; et ab eodem bourne usque fegeres trowe; et ab eodem directe per la rode usque le hole broke; et ab eodem usque Ydouere; et sic directe per aquam usque in parte occidentali de mere broke per longitudinem unius forlongi; et sic per caput eiusdem forlongi usque hetingesheye; et ab eodem usque ad locum primo scriptum Sandeheye. Preterea ad predictam terram pertinent quinque hyde iuxta terram de Cherletone et alia terra que appellatur le wode felde iuxta terram de Cleuerdone.
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    • These are the boundaries of the land at Brinkworth. First from the place which is called Sunday to boar’s gate. And from that place straight along the linear clearing to the hedge of dutte moor, and thus straight to Geresburna [i.e., Woodbridge Brook]. And from that stream to Fæger’s tree, and from that straight along the road [or ‘linear clearing’] to the hollow brook, and from that to the Ydover [i.e., Brinkworth Brook]. And thus straight along the stream to the western part of boundary brook for the length of a furlong, and thus along the head of that furlong to (?) Etting’s hedge, and from that place to the starting-point, Sunday. Moreover, there belong to the aforesaid land five hides by the land at Charlton and another (piece of) land which is called le wode felde [i.e., cleared land associated with a wood] by the land at Cleverton.