Bounds of Bremhill, Wilts. Latin




1. London, British Library, Add. 15667, f. 34v (s. xiii med.)
2. London, British Library, Lansdowne 417, f. 24r-v (s. xiv/xv)


Akerman 1857a, p. 270; B, 717


Grundy, Wilts., I, pp. 238-40, describes the northen part of the lands of Bremhill (i.e. Avon, Foxham and Kellaways in Bremhill); Finberg, ECW, no. 345

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    • Hii sunt termini de Bremel. Inprimis a loco qui appellatur wrokcumbe usque Merkendene; et de Merkedene directe per cursum usque ad stratam; et ab eadem strata usque Cadeburne; et a capite eiusdem burne directe usque Auene; et sic directe per Auene usque Cristemaleford; et ab eodem loco recte usque huckeam; et ab eodem usque le grete trowe; et ab eodem loco usque sandseteþ; et sic usque \ad/ le clif; et sic per cliuum usque stigelweye; et ab eadem uia usque blake more; et ab eodem more usque ad locum suprascriptum uidelicet wrockumbe.
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    • These are the bounds of Bremhill. First from the place which is called marsh-harrier coomb to boundary valley. And from boundary valley straight along the course (of the stream) to the street. And from that street to Cat Brook, and from the head of that brook straight to the Avon. And thus straight along the Avon to Christian Malford, and from that place straight to huckeam [? Foxham]. And from that to the great tree, and from that place to the sand [or ‘gravel’] pit, and thus to the steep slope, and thus along the steep slope to stile way, and from that way to black marsh, and from that marsh back to the starting-place, that is marsh-harrier coomb.
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    • Bremel . Hii sunt termini de Bremel . In primis a loco qui appellatur wrokcumbe usque merkendene . 7 de merkedene directe per cursum aque usque ad stratam . 7 ab eadem strata usque Cadeburne . 7 a capite ejusdem burne ; directe usque avene 7 sic directe per avene usque Cristemaleford . 7 ad ab eodem loco recte usque huckeam . Et ab eodem usque le grete trowe . 7 ab eodem loco usque Sandseteˇ . 7 sic usque 'ad' le Clif . Et sic per clivum usque stigelweye . 7 ab eadem via usque blakemomore . 7 ab eodem more . usque ad locum supra scriptum videlicet wrockumbe .