Bounds of Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset. English




1. London, British Library, Add. 56488, f. 70v (s. xiii 2)

Printed and Translated:

Bates, Two Cartularies, no. 11 (p. 99)


Grundy, Somerset, pp. 134-6; Finberg, ECW, no. 546

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    • These are the boundaries of the land at Kingsbury: First to the Parret; up along the stream to the mouth (?) of Lambrook; up along Lambrook to the boundaries of Shepton (Beauchamp); to the Thrir (?) dyke (or ditch); down it to the brook (ôlakeö [in pencil: Lake near B.]); along the dyke down to the foul brook; along the foul brook out to a moor (fen) to the north land-pill; forth by the land-pill by the north of PendaÆs meadow by the Middleney land-pill; from the land-pill to Thorney brook (ôlakeö) over against the middle of Thorney; to south Heale to a brook (ôlakeö) over against East Hele; into the north land-pill of Horsey; fowards to a moor (fen) east to the stream of Parret. These are the bounds of the estate at Kingsbury.
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    • ˝ys sy[n]den ˇa lande gemer' atte Kyngesbury erest on Pedridan op 7 alang stremes on Lambrokes4 gemoure op 7 alang Lambrokes to Schepton gemer to ˇe ˇrires dyke adoun ˇer to ˇere lake 7 lancke ˇere dyke adoun to Foulenbroke alang Foulenbroke out on a Moure5 to ˇan Northlangpulle, forˇ by Lanpulle by Northen Pendanmede wyˇ Myddelnyes Lanpulle, of ˇan Lanpulle to ˇornylake fornegen Thorny6 Myddewarde on Southhal, oˇ on an lake fornegen Esthele yn an Horsyes Northlandpulle, forˇ out on an Moure est on Pedrenstreme. Thys beth Kyngesbery landboundes. 1 These boundaries are added in a late fifteenth century hand. There is some confusion between the OE characters ˇ and w. 4 Recorded in the name of the village of Lambrook. 5 West Moor, near Middleney. 6 Thorney island.