Bounds of Charlcombe, Somerset. English




1. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 111, pp. 55-131, pp. 94-95 (s. xii 2)


Hunt, Bath Carts., i. 37

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    • Þis syndon þæra feower hida land gemæræ æt Ceorlacumbe. Arest on Hrammes wyll to hrammes cumbe, of hrammes cumbe to ælmundes hylle, of ælmundes hylle to hæccilege, of hæccilege to kycca wylle, innan Lambroc, andlang brokes to dealla wyrðe dic, of dealla wyrðe dic innan Mutta cumbe, of Mutta cumba innan hwita wylle, of hwita wylle to beornwines crundlan, of ðan crundlan to þan grenan hylle, of ðan hylle to crawæn hylle, of crawæn hylle on ða ealdan dic, andlang þere dic eft on gerihte bi Lantes dune ecge, eft on Hrammes wyll.
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    • These are the estate-boundaries of the four hides at Charlcombe. First from raven’s spring to raven’s coomb, from raven’s coomb to Ælmund’s hill, from Ælmund’s hill to hæcci wood, from hæcci wood to kycca spring, to Lam Brook, along the brook to the ditch or dyke of dealla enclosure, from the ditch of dealla enclosure into Mutcombe, from Mutcombe to white well, from white well to Beornwine’s chalk-pit, from the quarry to the green hill, from the hill to crow’s hill, from crow’s hill to the old ditch or dyke, from the ditch back directly by the edge of Lansdown, back to raven’s well.