Bounds of Readanoran (later Pyrton), Oxon. English




1. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. XIII, ff. 1-118, ff. 32v-33r (s. xi)


Hearne, Heming, pp. 71-2


Reynolds 2002, pp. 176, 193, on burial feature in bounds; Ker 1948, p. 53, on MS; PN Oxon., ii. 86-9; Gelling, ECTV, no. 306, bounds relate to modern parish of Pyrton and an area of detached woodland at Pishill with Stonor; Baines 1981, pp. 9-16, examines bounds of Radenore, with map; Blair 1994, p. 128

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    • ˇis syndan ˇæs wudes gemeara in to Readanoran, i pirit. Andlang englungadene eal swa wæterwile yruan innan ˇæne hæˇenan byrgels. Of ˇan hæ∂enan byrgels be wyrtwalan innan baruot sæd. And of barfot sæde innan timbersæd, 7 of timbersæde innan steapan cnolles scyd. And of steapan cnolles scydde on hanslædes hæfdan, 7 of hanslædes heafdan innan grenan weg. And of ˇam grenan wege innan healdæ mæres hling, 7 of ˇam hlince innan stanoranlege. And of stanoran lege innan stanmeres hling, 7 of stanmeres hlince on cadendtes heafdan. And of cadenes heafdan on holemeres hling, 7 of holemeres hling innan stanbeorh. And of stan beorhge innan ˇæne smalan ærc, of ˇon smalan ærc sce innan ˇone mapeldre on west halfe asumedcre. Of ˇan mapeldre ine es wyrte pitte innan dragemeres hling. And of dragemeres hlince innan ruganwic, 7 of ruganwic innan depan hauisteal on hremryrc. And of hremhrycce on ˇere fulan slostendan mapeldere ofer innan sigerdene. And of sigerdene innan badandene on clacces wadland, 7 of clacces wadlande into lufemere, lufanmere, ˇær ut on ˇæne feld.