Bounds of Oundle, Northants. English




1. London, Society of Antiquaries, 60, f. 50r (s. xii med.; Foard 1991, p. 180)


B, 1129


Reynolds 2002, pp. 176, 193, on burial feature in bounds; PN Beds. and Hunts., p. 9; PN Worcs., pp. 107-8; PN Northants., p. 213 n; Hart, ECNE, no. 32; Hart 1990, pp. 20-3; Foard 1991; Hart 1992, pp. 150, 169-76, rejects Foard's interpretation

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    • ˝is sint ˇa land ge mæro to Undelan . Ærest æt cylles ege su∂eweardan scytanlacu of nyn æt cweorn welle . ˇonne lit it 7lang ˇere lace ˇat it cym∂ eft on nyn . ˇonne gæd it ˇer up on ge rihte ofer ˇet yredland foran on gean ˇa ealdan dic . 7 si∂∂an up 7lang dic o∂ hit cym∂ to wuda . ˇonne a be wyrt walan oˇ hit cym∂ to ˇere ealdan rode . ˇonne 7lang rode ˇat it cym∂ ut on ciricfeld . 7 swa be wyrtwalan ˇat it cym∂ eft to ˇere rode 7 ˇonne eft 7lang rode ˇæt it cym∂ ut on beringa feld . ˇonne be wyrtwalan o∂ hit cym∂ ny∂er on ˇæt slæd to ˇam litlan broce . 7 swa nor∂ ofer ˇone broc . 7 sy∂∂an nor∂ be wyrtwalan to ˇere bradan rode . 7 ˇonne æst 7lang ˇere bradan rode o∂ hit cym∂ to fildena forda '7 of fildena forda' 7lang broches o∂ hit cym∂ eft to anum oˇeran forda mon hæt eac filden ford ˇonne of ˇem fildena forda ˇat it cym∂ on lytlan sandlege easte wearde 7 of ˇere leage on ærnulfes wylle ˇat it cym∂ on bradan leage middewearde . ˇonne ˇonan on ˇet ealde fyllet ˇonne 7lang ˇes fylletes ˇat it cym∂ est ut of wuda . ˇonne fehˇ it ˇer on feld . 7 swa 7lang anre hycgan o∂ hit cym∂ ofer ænne fulne broc . 7 swa on ge rihte on ˇone heˇenan byrgels of ˇon heˇenan byrgelse on ge rihte on anes wylles heafod . 7 si∂∂an 7lang ˇes broces o∂ hit cym∂ eft on ˇa ea æt nyn . 7 ˇat land on beringa feld swa swa hit is mid land ge mærum . liggæ∂ into Vndelan .