Bounds of land in Winchester. English


Winchester, Nunnaminster


1. London, British Library, Harley 2965, f. 40v (s. ix/x; Dumville 1992, pl. 2, between pp. 98 and 99; Brown 1996, p. 200, fig. 13)


B, 630

Printed and Translated:

Birch 1889a, pp. 32-3, with map; Rumble 2002, no. I


Birch 1889a, p. 96; Finberg, ECW, no. 177; Biddle and Hill 1971, pp. 73-4, dates from before death of Ealhswith in 902; Biddle 1975, pp. 127-9, 234, with map; Biddle et al. 1976, pp. 234, 235, 273, 322; Rahtz and Bullough 1977, pp. 23, 25-6; Parkes 1983, pp. 131-2, on script; Biddle 1983, p. 119, on street used in bounds; Dumville 1987, p. 164, on script; Ker, Catalogue, p. lix, 308-9 (no. 237), hand similar to that of 891 annal in Parker Chronicle; dates s. ix; Nelson 1991, p. 65; Dumville 1992, pp. 83-5, 92 n. 184, on script, estate-survey may have been drawn up before Ealhswith's death, but the MS copy could well be later in date; Foot 2000, II. 244, 246; Rumble 2002, no. I, on bounds, with map; on MS; Thompson 2006, p. 58, on script

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    • ˝æs hagan ge mære ˇe Ealhswi∂ hæf∂ æt Wintan ceastre li∂ up of ˇæm forda on ˇone west mestan mylen gear weste weardne ˇæt east on ˇone ealdan welig 7 ˇonan up andlanges ˇæs eastran mylen geares ˇæt nor∂ on ˇa ceap stræt ˇonne ˇær east andlanges ˇære ceap stræte o∂ cyninges burg hege on ˇone ealdan mylen gear ˇæt ˇær 7langes ˇæs ealdan myle geares o∂ hit faca∂ on ˇæm ifihtan æsce ˇæt ˇær su∂ ofer ˇa twifealdan fordas on ˇa stræt midde ˇæt ˇær eft west andlangæs stræte 7 ofer ˇone for∂ ˇæt hit sticaˇ eft on ˇæm westemestan mylen geare . ,