Bounds of Alresford, Hants. English


Winchester, Old Minster


1. London, British Library, Add. 15350, ff. 21v-22r (s. xii med.)


B, 939


Finberg, ECW, no. 79, a slightly fuller but substantially identical version of the bounds in S 589

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    Old Text

    • Termini Alresforde . ˘is syd ˇa land gemere to alresforda erest up of cendefer and lang mearce on ˇa witan dic ˇæt and lang dic on mearc weg and land weges on ˇer dene on ˇer dene on smalandene of smalandene and lang hlinces on bucgen oran . ˇæt ford and lang wyrtwale on ˇa rode and lang rode on wilames ord ˇonon on spreot mere ˇonon on ˇo twibutme del ˇonon on beran delle on mint mere of mint mere on fel dene ˇonne and lang fel dene on ˇone hagan . ˇonne and lang hagan on grem mores sy∂le . ˇonon and lang hagan on boc mere sy∂le . of boc meres shi∂le on hamer dene gat . ˇonne non on hrombmescumbes geat . of hramnescumbes geate on dun shihle of dun shihle and lang mearce ut at ricgsceate . ˇæt and lang mearce to dregtune on ˇane ford . of ∂an forda on wuda ford ˇæt up of ˇan forda and lang mearce on ˇane garan uf wer∂ne of ˇan garan nord ofer ˇast ret . and lang mearce on ˇa æwylmas and lang wylla on ticceburnan ˇonne and lang streames on iccenan . and lang icenan on ˇer cendefer ut scyt . ˇonne up and lang cendefer o∂ ˇar hit on feng .