Bounds of Littleton on Severn Gloucestershire Latin




1. London, British Library, Add. 15667, f. 35r-v (s. xiii med.)
2. London, British Library, Lansdowne 417, f. 25r (s. xiv/xv)

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    • Hii sunt termini terre de Lutletone. Inprimis de Ludepul iuxta Seferne usque Colpuylle; et ab eodem super heyt Cowehuylle; et de heyf Cow huille usque flogges gete; et ab eodem usque peuelles broke; et per eundem ampnem directe usque Stokkes broke; et ab eodem usque in ualefeld; et ab eodem loco usque Haywode; et ab eodem usque stonegge; et ab eodem usque eyshinige dich; et ab eodem usque ad eluuisger; et ab eodem directe usque lutle garstone buyht; et ab eodem buhyte usque Æþelburhe heme diche; et ab eodem fossato usque cote heme diche et ab eodem fossato usque Rihshammes puylle; et per Rihshammes puylle directe usque Lude puylle; et ab eodem loco usque Seferne; et sic per Seferne iterum usque Colpuylle.
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    • These are the boundaries of the land of Littleton. First from lude pill by the Severn to col pill. And from that over heyt Cowhill, and from heyf Cowhill to flogges gate. And from that to peuelles brook, and by that stream to Stock’s brook. And from that to uale field, and from that place to Hay Wood. And from that to stone edge, and from that to eyshinige ditch. And from that to eluuisger, and from that straight to the corner of the little paddock, and from that corner to Elberton people’s ditch. And from that ditch to the ditch of the Cote people, and from that ditch to Rusholme’s pill, and along Rusholme’s pill straight to then back to lude pyll [i.e., Littleton Pill], and from that place to the Severn, and thus along the Severn back to col pill along the Severn and back to col pyll.