Bounds of Ewen, Gloucs. Latin




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2. London, British Library, Lansdowne 417, f. 22v (s. xiv/xv)


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    • Hii sunt termini de Euulme. Inprimis de heneofre usque Perestone; et inde usque Lydewelle; et ab illo fonte usque stratam que uocatur Fos; et sic usque woluecrundle, uidelicet usque la hore stone; et ab eodem usque lytle berwe; et ab illo loco usque guuyte stone; et ab eodem directe uersus occidentem usque la diche walle; et sic per fossatum directe usque in riuulo de Tamyse; et sic per Tamyse directe usque le holde mulle dich uersus austrum; et ab eodem uersus occidentem usque la est lake brigge in Litle more uersus meridiem; et inde directe usque le mere dich; et ab eodem fossato uersus aquilonem directe per uiam usque ad locum primo scriptum, uidelicet le ofre in Perestone. Item ad terram prenominatam pertinent .xxiii. acre prati que quidem iacent in Feormore; et decem acre terre arabilis que iacent in Bikenhulle; et .xvi. acre et dimidiam bosci in la graue que appellatur Scefernus graue, inter Pole et Kemele. Item predicta uilla habere debet in eodem prato <communem pasturam>, uidelicet quam ymene morlese appellatur, cum aliis uillatis, scilicet Somerford, Pole et Kemele.
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    • These are the bounds of Ewen. First from high ridge to Peastone. And then to hlyde spring, and from that spring to the street called Foss [i.e., the Foss way], and thus to wolf dell, that is, the hoary stone. And from that to little barrow, and from that place to guuyte stone, and from that straight eastwards to the ditch [or ‘dyke’] wall, and thus along the ditch straight to the Thames. And thus along the Thames straight to the south part [translating Old English ‘suthweard’] of the old mill ditch. And from there westward to the east stream bridge in the southern part [translating Old English ‘suthweard’] of little marsh, and then straight to the boundary ditch, and from that ditch northward straight along the way to the starting-point, that is, the ridge in Peastone. Likewise to the land named before belong twenty-three acres of meadow in feor marsh; and ten acres of arable land located in ?‘Bica’s hill’; and sixteen acres and half a wood in Scefernus grove, between Poole Keynes and Kemble. Likewise the aforementioned vill has rights of pasture in the same meadow, which is called common marshland meadow, shared with other vills, namely Somerford (Keynes), Poole (Keynes) and Kemble.
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    • Ewelme . Hii sunt terre de Euulme . In primis de heneofre usque Perestone . 7 inde usque Lydewelle . Et ab illo fonte ; usque stratam que vocatur fos . 7 sic usque Woluecrundle . videlicet usque la hore stone . Et ab eodem usque Lytle Berwe Et ab illo loco ; usque guuyte stone . 7 ab eodem directe versus occidentem ; usque la diche walle . Et sic per fossatum directe ; usque in rivulo de Tamyse . 7 sic per Tamyse directe ; uspue le holde mulle dich versus austrum . Et ab eodem versus occidentem ; usque le estlakebrigge in litle more versus meridiem . Et inde directe ; usque le meredich . Et ab eodem fossato versus aquilonem directe per viam ; usque ad locum primo sciptum videlicet le ofre in pere stone . Item ad teram prenominatam pertinet . xxiii . acre prati que quidem jacent in feor more . 7 decem acre terre arabilis que jacent in Bikenhulle . 7 xvi . acre 7 dimidium bosci in la graue que appellatur scefernus graue . inter Pole 7 Kemele . Item predicta villa habere debet in eodem prato communam in pastura videlicet quam ymene morlese appellatur . cum aliis villatis . scilicet . Somerford . Pole . 7 Kemele .