Bounds of Deerhurst, Gloucs. English




1. London, Westminster Abbey, W. A. Muniment Book 11, f. 316r (s. xiv)

Printed and Translated:

Finberg, ECWM, no. 187 (pp. 79-80)


PN Gloucs., cf. iv. 21; Finberg, ECWM, no. 187, and addendum p. 238; Hooke 1990b; Wormald 1993, p. 18, cited

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    • ˇis synd ˇa land ge meru into Deorhyrste ˇere six 7 sioxtuge hida. Of seferne on merhagan, of merhagan on wanta seaˇ. Of wantanseaˇe on salhdune, of salhdune on tyrl. Andlang streame on hafoc beorge, of hafoc beorges on alr. Andlang alre on puntes pirian on Deopan ri∂. Of Deopan riˇe on tores mere, of tores mere on earn læge on scead willan. Of sceadwillan on deopan riˇe, of deopan ri∂e on lind lægen on alr. Of alr on rucches pulle, 7 of rucches pulle on sefern. Of seferne on bracburne, of bracburnan on puddanbroc. Of puddan broce on ˇæt oldan, of ˇan oldan on beorgwillan. On beorgwillan on beorg lægen, of barlegen on æscmor. Of ascmor, on widancumbes geat, of widancumbas geate on forstricge. Of forst hricge on east læge, of east læge on corsmersc. Of corsmersce on litlanhil, of litlanhille on hagann rycg. Of hægen hricge on glenccinc, of glencincce on bri∂ broc. Of briˇ broce on leas hricg, of leas ricge on ˇirnefeld. Of ˇernefelde on duddes aker, of duddes akere on sciran mor. Of scirann more on elfaledes, of elfaleden on hreodan burnan. Of reada burnan on cumbre weorˇan on ambran. Of ambranne on sæferne, andlang streames eft to marhagan.