Bounds of Peadingtun, Devon. English


Exeter (ex Crediton)


1. Exeter, D.C., 2530 (s. xi 1; OS Facs., ii, Exeter 15)


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    • Endorsed: Pedingtunes land gemæro . bunde per dert . ˝is is Peading tunes landscaro ˇær æscburne ut scyt . on dertan [st]ream od wede burne ut scyt . up an wede burnan oˇ wi∂i mor of widi more on cealfa dune middewearde of cealfa dune o[∂] sufonstanas . of sufonstanum on hyfan treow . on hyfan treowe on hord burh . of hordbyrg on deorford . of deorforda on langa stan . of langa stane on eofede tor . of eofede torre on hean dune forewearde . of heandune on ˇone blindan wille . of ∂am wille on writelanstan . of ˇa stane on ruwa beorh . of ruwan beorge on fyrspenn . of fyrspenne on wyrtcumes heafod . of wyrtcumes heafde on rammes horn . of rammes horne on lulca stile . of lulca stile on wice cumes heafod . on lymenstream oˇ woggawill lacu utscyt . on ˇa lace o∂ wocgawilles hafod . of wocggawilles heafde on ˇone weg o∂ ˇa g'r'eatan dic oˇ ˇere dic . on ˇone wille on ˇæs mores heafod . on ˇa lace to ˇære sweliende . of ∂ære sweliende on yederes beorh . of iederes beorge on standun [ni∂e]wearde oˇ ˇa gretan linde . of ˇære linde on dyra snæd middewearne . of dyra snæde on hwita ford . on hwita forda on fulanford . of fulanforda on hildes ford . of hildesforda on hildes lege nor∂ewearde of sole get . of soleget to brynes cnolle su∂eweardum on puneces wur∂i . of puneces wurˇige on hremnes cumes heafod . of hremnes cumbe on ˇa ri∂e o∂ æscburnan . ˇanon on stream to dertan ;.