Bounds of Creedy Land, Devon. English


Exeter (ex Crediton)


1. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Eng. hist. a. 2 (S.C. 31346), no. IIa (s. xi med.; BA Facs., no. 28)
2. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Eng. hist. a. 2 (S.C. 31346), no. IIb (s. xv)


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    Old Text

    • Endorsements: (1) same hand: boc .xx. hyda to crydian (2) s. xii hand: de .xx. hidis de cridia (3) s. xiv hand: vel Criditonia Territoria autem hec sunt. Ærest of cridian brycge on herpa∂. andlanges herpa∂es on sulhford to exan. ˇonne andlang eaxan o∂ focgan ige∂as. of focgan ige∂um on landsceare hricg. of landsceare hricge on luhan treow. of luhan treowe on haganget. of hagangate on doddan hrycg. of doddan hrycge on grendeles pyt. of grendeles pytte on ifigbearo. of ifigbeara on hrucgan cumbes ford. of hrucgan cumbes forda on fearnburh. of fearnbyrig on earnes hricg. of earnes hrycge on wealdancumbes ford. of wealdan cumbe on tettan burnan. of tettan burnan up on stream o∂ lyllanbroc. of lyllanbroce on middel hrycg. of middel hrycge on herepa∂ ford. of herepa∂ forda on cyrtlangeat. of cyrtlan gate on suran apuldre. of suran apuldran on grenan weg. of grenan wege on wulfpyt. of wulfpytte on stream o∂ ˇa laca tolycgaˇ. ˇonne up on hrycg myddeweardne andlang hrycges o∂ ˇone pa∂. of ˇam pa∂e sceaftrihte on alr su∂ ofer on hlypan. of hlypan on byrccumbes heafod. of byrccumbes heafode on hananforda ˇanon on bradanæsc. of bradanæsce on foxcumbes heafod. ˇanon on stanford on eowan. of stanforda on arlscagan. of alrscagan on eor∂geberst. ˇanon on grenan dune. of grenandune on herepa∂ on puttan stapul. ˇanon on beornwunne treow [of beornwynne treowe on stanford on eowan] ˇanon on bucgan ford. of bucgan forda on brunwoldes treow. ˇanon on æsccumb ˇonne on wonbroc. 7langes streames on teng upon stream on teng o∂ pa∂ford. ˇanon on francancumb. of fran[can]cumbe on drosncumbes heafod. ˇanon on deormere. of deormere on langan stan. ˇanon on hurrancumbes heafod. of hurrancumbes heafde on riscford on nimed. ˇanon on healre dunæ. of healre dune on wærnan fæsten. ˇanon on cyddanford. of cyddanforda on cæfcan græfan. ˇanon on caines æcer. of caines æcere on wulfcumbes heafod. ˇanon on stanbeorg. of stanbeorge on cærswille. of cærswille on di∂ford. ˇanon on dices get. of dices gate on unnan beorh. ˇanon on swincumb. of swincumbe on egesan treow. [ˇanon on riscbroc mid streame oˇ scipbroc. on scipbroc mid streame oˇ nymed.] On nymed [mid streame] o∂ doflisc up o∂ wi∂igslæd. of wyˇigslade on eahta æc. ˇanon on hafoccumb. of hafoccumbe on haganget. ˇanon ut on hlypan. ˇanon on beonnan ford on crydian. ˇonne on stream o∂ hafoccumb. ˇonne on hagan get. ˇonne on ∂one ealdan herepa∂ o∂ ˇa eastran crydian. ˇonne andlang streames to cridian brycge.