Bounds of Farnborough, Berks. English




1. London, British Library, Cotton Claudius C. IX, ff. 105-203, ff. 199v-200r (s. xii 2)


B, 633; PN Berks., iii. 671-3


Grundy, Berks., III, pp. 101-7; PN Berks., i. 232, iii. 658 ; Gelling, ECTV, no 39, associates with S 411

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    • Ærest of fearnbeorhge west on ˇone weg to ˇam stanum. of ˇam stanum su∂ on ∂one weg on ˇa andheafda. of ˇam andheafdum on ∂a hlinc rewe ut to ˇære dic be nor∂an stodfaldon. ˇonne for∂ on ∂a dic to mær flodan be æstan lilling lea. ˇonne for∂ andlang ˇes su∂eran weges o∂ ˇæt lange treow. ˇonne for∂ west on ˇone weg ofer beocumb to ˇam stancrundele ˇonne nor∂ on ∂ane smalan weg wi∂ eastan brocenan beorg to ˇam wege ˇæ ˇær east lig∂. ˇonne for∂ on ∂one weg to cytel flodan be westan mulescumbes. ˇær ∂a weges twisliga∂. ˇonne for∂ to scyldmere. ˇonne for∂ on ∂a furh to furcumbe. andlanges furcumbes middeweardes to ˇære dene. ˇonne for∂ on ∂a dene to ˇære wega gemyˇan. ˇonne for∂ to ˇam hwitan wege to ˇam haran ˇornan. ˇonne of ˇam hwitan wege on fearnbeorhg. and se leag be eastan catmere ˇæ ˇær to gebyræ∂. ˇæt is on ∂one weg ˇæ lig∂ to stanleage. ˇonne for∂ sy∂∂an su∂ on ˇone stanihtan weg. of stanmeringa gemere ˇonne for∂ on ˇone smalan weg to ˇam fulan wege. se hatte stific weg. ˇæt is catmeringa gemære 7 ˇes landes to fernbeorhgan. ˇonne ford andlang ∂æs weges ut on ˇone feld. and ˇonne ealle ˇa hangran be tweonan ˇam wege and ˇam ˇe to stanleage lig∂. gebyria∂ ealle to fearnbeorgan.