Probably c. 1000. Will of Wulfgeat of Donington, Salop, including bequests of land at Tardebigge, Worcs., as burial-fee (possibly to Donington church); also land at Kilsall, in Salop, Evenlode in Gloucs. and at Roden, Salop, to his wife; land at Donington and Thornbury, Herefords., to his daughter, Wulfgifu; land at Ingardine, Salop, to his grandson; land at Tardebigge, Worcs., to his daughter, Wilflæd. His potential claim to Wrottesley, Staffs., is mentioned. English




1. London, British Library, Harley Charter 83 A 2 (s. xi in.; BM Facs., iv. 42)


B, 1317; Sweet, Second Reader, pp. 230-1 (no. 42)

Printed and Translated:

Whitelock, Wills, no. 19 (pp. 54-7)


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    • This is the will of Wulfgeat of Donington; namely, that he grants to God his burial fee, namely, one hide at Tardebigge and one pound of pence, and twenty-six freedmen, for his soul; and to Worcester a brewing of malt, half from Donington and half from Kilsall; and to St Ethelbert's the equivalent of half a pound; and to St Guthlac's the equivalent of half a pound; and to Leominster four full-grown bullocks; and to Bromyard one bullock; and another at Clifton; and four bullocks to Wolverhampton; and two bullocks to Penkridge; and two bullocks to Tong. And for his soul's need, he grants forgiveness to each of those who have sinned against him. And he grants a year's rent to his men as a gift. May they who succeed to land there enjoy the income according as they carry out the charitable bequests. And he grants to his lord two horses and two swords and four shields and four spears and ten mares with ten colts. And he prays his lord for the love of God that he will be a friend to his wife and daughter. And he grants to his wife the estates at Kilsall and Evenlode and Roden for as long as her life lasts, and after her death the land is to revert to my kindred, those who are nearest. And to my daughter Wulfgifu [I grant] the estate at Donington as it stands, and the estate at Thornbury which was bought from Leofnoth with her mother's gold; and to the son of my daughter Wulfgifu the estate at Ingwardine; and to my daughter Wilflæd the other hide at Tardebigge; and to my kinswoman Ælfhild the hide below the wood, just as we both pledged ourselves to do; and if I live longer than she, then I am to have the estate at Wrottesley. And all those who succeed to my property are to pay to Brun twenty mancuses of gold; and I grant to him in gratitude six mares with six colts. And the horses which are left are to be for my wife and my daughters, to each the same number. And the spring at Droitwich (?) is to belong to Donington. And, dear Æthelsige, make this known to my lord and to all my friends.
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    • + ˝is is Wulfgates gecwide æt Dunnintune ˇæt is ˇonne ˇæt he geann ærest gode his sawelscættas ˇæt is .I. hid æt Tærdebicgan. 7 .I. pund penega. 7 VI 7 twentig freotmonna for hi