A.D. 931 x 939 (probably 933 x 939). Will of Wulfgar, including bequests of land at Collingbourne Kingston, Wilts., to his wife Æffe, for life, with reversion to New Minster, Winchester; at Inkpen, Berks., to Æffe, for life, with reversion to the church at Kintbury, Berks.; at Cræft to Wynsige and Ælfsige; at Denford, Berks., to Æthelstan and Cynestan; 2 hides at Buttermere, Wilts., to Brihtsige and one of Ceolstan's sons; at Æscmere (cf. Ashmanworth, Hants.) 'to such of my young kinsmen as obey me best'; and at Ham, Wilts., to Æffe, for life, with reversion to Old Minster, Winchester. English


Winchester, Old Minster


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2. London, British Library, Add. 15350, f. 83r (s. xii med.; Lowe 1993a, p. 4)


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Printed and Translated:

Thorpe, pp. 495-7; Robertson, Charters, no. 26 (pp. 52-3)


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    • Endorsement, in a hand of s. xi1, MS 1: Her swutelaˇ ˇæt Wulfgar geuˇe Hamme into Ealdan Mynstre æfter Æffan dæge hys wifes Rubric, MS 2: Her swutela∂ ˇæt Wulfgar ge uˇe Hamme into Ealdan Mynstre æfter Æffan dege his wifes + Ic Wulfgar an ˇæs landes æt Collingaburnan ofer minne dæg Æffan hiere dæg 7 heo tilige uncer begea sawla ˇearfe gemænelice ∂æron . 7 feormige ˇrie dagas ˇa Godes ˇeowas ˇær min lic reste 'on ˇone gemynddæg' 7 selle ˇam mæssepreoste fif peningas 7 ˇara oˇra ælcum twegen 7 ofer hiere dæg to Winteceastre ˇam Niwan Hierede for mine sawle to habbenne 7 to brucenne 7 na of ˇam mynstre to sellanne . 7 ic an ˇæs landes at Ingepenne ofer minne dæg Æffan to brucenne 7 to bewitanne 7 ˇæt heo hæbbe ælce gere to ˇam tune ealra gearwæstma ˇa ˇrie dælas 7 ˇone feorˇan to Cynetanbyrig ˇam Godes ˇeowum for mine sawle 7 for mines fæder 7 for mines ieldran fæder . ˇonne ofer hiere dæg into Cynetanbyrig to ˇære halgan stowe for Wulfgares sawle ˇe ic hit in selle 7 for Wulfrices 7 for Wulfheres ˇe hit ærest begeat to habbenne 7 to brucenne 7 næfre ut to sellanne , ˝onne an ic ˇæs landes æt Cræft ofer minne dæg Wynsige 7 Ælfsige 7 ealles ˇæs ˇe ic ˇæron begite 7 ic an ˇæs landes æt Denforda ofer minne dæg Æˇelstane 7 Cynestane gif hie me oˇ ˇæt on ryht gehieraˇ , 7 ic an ˇæs landes æt Butermere ofer minne dæg Byrhtsige twegea hida 7 Ceolstanes sunum anes gif hie me o∂∂æt on ryht gehieraˇ , 7 ic cweˇe on wordum be Æscmere on minum geongum magum swelce me betst gehieraˇ , 7 ic wille ˇæt Æffe feormige of ˇæm ˇrim dælum æt Ingepenne ˇa Godes ˇeowas æt Cynetanbyrig ˇrie dagas on twelf monˇum ænne dæg for me oˇerne for minne fæder ˇriddan for minne ieldran fæder , 7 ic an ˇæs landes æt Hamme Æffan ofer minne dæg 7 heo tilige ˇæron uncer begea sawla ˇearfe 7 feormige ˇrie dagas ˇa Godes ˇeowas ˇære min lic reste on Eastron 7 ofer hiere dæg into W'i'nteceastre to ˇæm Ealdan Hierede to sancte Trinitate . to hæbbenne 7 to brucenne 7 næfre ut to sellanne ,