A.D. 1042 x 1043. Bequest by Thurstan of land at Wimbish, Essex, to Christ Church. English and Latin versions


Canterbury, Christ Church


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Printed and Translated:

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    • + Her cyð on þisan gewritu þæt Þurstan geann þæs landes æt Wimbisc into Cristes cyrcean for his sawle 7 for Leofware 7 for Æþelgyðe . þam hirede to fostre æfter Þurstanes dæge 7 æfter Æðelgyþe . 7 ælcon geare an pund to fulre sutelunge þa hwile þe we libban . 7 gelæste se hired æt Cristes cyrcean swa hwæder swa he wille þam hirede into sancte Augustine þe tðelf pund be getale oððe twa hida . Ðis syndon þa gewitnysse þæs cwydes . Eadwerd kyncg . 7 Ælfgifu seo hlæfdige . 7 Eadsige arcebiscop . 7 Godwine eorl . 7 Leofric eorl . 7 Ælfwærd biscop on Lundene . 7 Ælfwine biscop on Winceastre . 7 Stigand preost . 7 Eadwold preost . 7 Leofcild scirgerefa . 7 Osulf fila . 7 Ufic . 7 Ælfwine Wulfredes sunu . 7 Ælfric Wihtgares sunu . 7 ealle þa þegenas on Eastsexan . 7 beon heora menn frige æfter heora beira dæge . 7 na stinge nan mann æfter heora dæge on þæt land buton se hired æt Cristes circean . 7 yrfan hi swa hi wyrðe witan . 7 þissera gewritu syndan þreo . an is æt Cristes cyrcean . oþðer æt sancte Augustine . 7 þridde biþ mid heom sylfan . Latin version: [E]go Thurstanus, concedente et consentiente domino meo rege Eaduuardo, concessi ecclesie Christi in Dorobernia terram patrimonii mei nomine Winebisc, ad opus et uictum monachorum pro salute anime mee et Leofuuare. Primo autem anno quo ista terra ad dominium iam prefate ecclesie Christi peruenerit, monachi eiusdem ecclesie .x. dent ecclesie sancti Augustini que sita est extra ciuitatem Dorobernie, pro salute anime mee et Leofuuare et Æthelgyue. Hec igitur donatio facta est presente eodem rege, domino meo Eaduuardo, et idem confirmantibus: Alfgyua regina Imma, Eadsino archiepiscopo Kantie, Elfrico archiepiscopo Eborace, Alfuuardo episcopo Lundon’, Alfuuino episcopo Winton’ et multis aliis. Si quis hoc donum meum uiolauerit, anathema sit.
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    • Here it is declared in this document that Thurstan grants the estate at Wimbish to Christ Church, for his soul and for Leofwaru’s and Æthelgyth’s, for the sustenance of the community after Thurstan’s day and after Æthelgyth’s [A2 adds here ‘apart from two hides’]. And each year one pound [is to be paid] as full testimony [of the bequest] as long as we live [A2 omits ‘each year’ and ‘as long as we live’]. And the community at Christ Church is to render whichever they prefer to the community at St Augustine’s: twelve pounds by tale or two hides. [A2 reads ‘And the community at Christ Church is to render for the souls of Thurstan and Æthelgyth to the community at St Augustine’s twelve pounds by tale.’] These are the witnesses of the bequest: King Edward and the Lady Ælfgifu and Archbishop Eadsige [A2 adds ‘and Archbishop Ælfric [of York]’] and Earl Godwine and Earl Leofric [A2 adds ‘and Ælfgar the earl’s son’] and Bishop Ælfweard of London and Bishop Ælfwine of Winchester and Stigand, priest, and Eadwold, priest, and Leofcild, sheriff, and Osulf Fila and Ufic and Ælfwine Wulfred’s son and Ælfric Wihtgar’s son and all the thegns in Essex. And their men are to be free after the day of them both. And no-one is to meddle after their day in that estate except the community at Christ Church. Let them inherit as they know they are entitled. There are three of these documents: one is at Christ Church, the second at St Augustine’s and the third is with themselves [i.e., the testators].
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    • + Her cy∂ on ˇisan gewritu ˇæt ˝urstan geann ˇæs landes æt Wimbisc into christes cyrcean for his sawle 7 for Leofware 7 for Æˇelgy∂e. ˇam hirede to fostre æfter ˝urstanes d&ae