s. x. Ordnoth and his wife to Old Minster, Winchester; bequest of 10 hides at Candover, Hants. English


Winchester, Old Minster


1. London, British Library, Add. 15350, f. 61v (s. xii med.)


K, 943

Printed and Translated:

Thorpe, pp. 588-9; Whitelock, Wills, no. 5 (pp. 16-19)


Whitelock, Wills, p. 116; Finberg, ECW, no. 176, authentic; Hart 1970a, p. 30 (no. 105), authentic; Lowe 1991; Stewartby 1998, p. 151

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    • Here in this document it is declared how Ordnoth and his wife granted the ten hides at Candover to the old church at Winchester after the death of both of them, and gave to it the title-deed as evidence, on condition that the title-deed shall be ready for them if they need it at any time for any correction; but the title-deed is to be returned to the minster. And such portion of their goods as they have specified is to be distributed after their death, and the surplus is to go to the minster with the estate. On these terms is the estate given to the minster: that on the day of our death they will fetch us with the minster's resources and provide for us such resting-place as is necessary for us in God's sight and fitting in they eyes of the world. It is for this that Ordnoth wishes to have the testimony of God and his community at the Old Minster: namely, that he and his wife announced in their presence that the part of his possessions which he stated was to go into his friends' possession after his death, and the other part to the place where they shall be buried.
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    • Her is geswutelod on ˇisum gewrite hu Ordno∂. 7 his Wif geu∂an ˇara . X . hida æt Cendefer into ˇæra ealdan cyrican to Wintanceastre ofer heora begra deg. 7 ˇa boc ˇyderinnan sealdan to swutelunge on ˇa gerad. ˇæt seo boc heam sy geara gyf hy hyre hwer beˇurfan to ænire rihtinge. 7 gange seo boc æft into ˇære stowe 7 dæle man swylcne del heora æhta swylce hy gecwedan æfter heora dege 7 gange seo ofereaca into ˇære stowe mid ˇam lande. on ∂a gere∂nesse is ˇæt land geseld to ˇam mynstre ˇæt man unc gefecce. æt uncrum ændedege mid ˇes mynstres crafte 7 unc swylce legerstowe forescewian swylc unc for gode ˇearflice sy. 7 for weorulde gerysenlic. ˝is is seo gewitnes ∂e Ordnod. Wile habban godæs 7 his hiredes on ealdan mynstre. ˇæt is ˇæt he 7 is wif cwædan on heora gewitnesse ˇæt is æhta gangan on his freonda hand ofer his deg se ∂el ˇe he cweˇe 7 se oˇer dæl into ˇære stowe ˇær hi resta∂.