A.D. 1017 x 1035. Will of Mantat the anchorite bequeathing land at Twywell, Northants., and Conington, Hunts., to Thorney. English




1. Cambridge, University Library, Add. 3020, f. 18r (s. xiv)
2. London, British Library, Add. 5937, ff. 131-33v, f. 133v (s. xvi; spelling normalised)


K, 1329, ex MS 2; Hart, ECEE, p. 204, ex MS 1


Warner 1879, p. 51

Printed and Translated:

M 1837, p. 58, ex MS 2; Thorpe, pp. 555-6, ex MS 2; Whitelock, Wills, no. 23 (pp. 66-7), ex MS 2


Whitelock, Wills, pp. 176-8, possibly a poor copy of a genuine original; Hart, ECEE, no. 31 and pp. 204-5, authentic; Whitelock 1969, p. 114, corrects a reading; Hart, ECNE, no. 17, authentic

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    • Mantat the Anchorite, God's exile, greets King Cnut and Queen Emma very joyfully with God's joy. And I make known to you that I have entrusted our charitable gift to Christ and all his saints where it shall remain longest, for the comfort and happiness of our soul. First, the estate at Twywell to Thorney, where our bones shall rest, and the estate at Conington, to priests and deacons who have deserved it of me during my life. And they have promised God and given pledge to me that each year they will recited for us two hundred masses and two hundred psalters and in addition many holy prayers. Now I pray you for the love of God and on account of an exile's entreaty, that no man may alter this. God knows that no tonsured man has been more useful to you both than [I], and that shall be known to you in the future life. May the King of the angels of heaven uphold you both in this life and lead you into his light where you may ever dwell with him without sorrow. Amen.
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    • Mantat ancer godes wræcca gretet Cnut king and Emma ˇe læfdie swiˇe bliˇelike mid godes blisse. and ic cy∂e ˇat ic habbe ure almesse criste betaht and hise allen halgan ure saule to froure and to blisse ˇær it lengest wunian sculen. ˇæt is ærest ˇæt land at Twywelle into ˝ornige ˇær ure ban reste∂. and ˇat land at Cunintun. prestes and diaknes ˇa ˇe hit at me earnodan on mine liue. and hi habbe∂ god behaten and me on hand eseald ˇat hi sculen elke ear don for us twa hundred messen and twa hundred sauters. and ˇerto eaken fele holye beden. nu bidde ic inc for godes luue and for ure wreccan bene ˇat ˇis non man ne awende. ˇat wat god ˇat inc ne was non bescoran man nyccere ˇænne. and ˇat inc sceal ben cu∂ on ˇan towarden liue. Gehealde inc here on liue heofan engle kinge. and ge lede inc on his lihte mid him ˇer yt wiˇuten sorhge euere wunian. amen.