A.D. 998 (15 April). Will of Leofwine, son of Wulfstan, including bequests of land at Kelvedon, Essex, and at Mearcyncg seollan (probably Markshall, Essex) to St Peter's, Westminster; at Purleigh, Essex, partly to God's servants at Notley, Essex, and partly to Leofwaru, his aunt; and at Barling, Essex, to Wulfstan, bishop (of London). English




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3. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Eng. hist. a. 2 (S.C. 31346), no. XVII (s. xviii; Latin translation of MS 2)


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Printed and Translated:

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    • This is the will of Leofwine, son of Wulfstan. That then is first, that I give into Westminster, to Christ and to St Peter, for the sake of my soul, all the things that Christ will help me to on the estate at Kelvedon and at Mearcyncg seollan, in wood and infield. And I give from Purleigh into (at?) Notley, to God's servants, half a hide of land on teheast side of the street, for the sake of my soul. And to my paternal aunt, Leofwaru, the chief building in Purleigh, and all that belongs to me there. And if Eadwold, her son, live longer than she, let him succeed thereto. But if she live longer, and God will it, let her give it to whomsoever obeys her best amongst the kindred of us both. And I give to my lord, Bishop Wulfstan, the land at Barling. This was in the year 998 from our Lord's birth, &c.
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    • Endorsements: (1) in a contemporary hand: ˇis is Leofwines cwide Wulfstanes suna. (2) in a slightly later hand: Cynlæuedene . + . (3) in a hand of early s. xiv: Killauedene uersus ecclesiam.<br. (4) in a hand of s. xviii: 1727, 25th Augusti. Petri le Neve Morrey pretium 1li. 11s. 6d. + In nomine domini nostri Ihesu Cristi . ˇys is Leofwines cwide Wulfstanes suna . ˇæt is ˇonne ærest ˇæt ic gean Criste 7 sancte Petre for minre saule in to Westmynster ealra ˇara ˇinga ˇe me Crist to gefultumian wyle æt ˇam lande æt Cynlaue dyne . 7 æt Mearcyncg seollan on wuda 7 on felda . 7 ic gean of Purlea in to Hnutlea healfere hide landes on easthealf stræte for mine sawle ˇam Godes ˇeowan . 7 minre faˇan Leofware ˇæs heafodbotles on Purlea . 7 ealles ˇæs ˇe me ˇær to locaˇ . 7 gif Eadwold længc libbe hire suna ˇonne heo . fo he ˇærto . gif heo ˇonne læng beo 7 ˇæt God wille sylle hit on ˇa hand ˇe hire æfre betst gehyre on uncer bega cynne . 7 ic gean minum hlaforde Wulfstane bisceope ˇæs landes æt Bærlingum. ˝ys wæs gedon ˇæs geares fram ures Drihtnes gebyrdtide. DCCCCXCVIII anni dn'i XI indic' XX epac V c'cur' VIII ciclos XVII kalendæ mai dies .XIIII. lun' XV kalendæ mai dies pasce XVI. lun' ipsius