A.D. 1035 x 1044. Will of Leofgifu, including bequests of land at Hintlesham, Essex, and Gestingthorpe, Suffolk, to Bury St Edmunds; the minster at (? Earls) Colne, Essex, to Æthelric and Ælfric, priests, and Æthelsige, deacon; land at Belchamp (? Walter), Essex, to her lady; land at (? Great) Bentley, Essex, to Alfweard, bishop (of London); at Boreham, Essex, to her kinsman Ælfgar; at Bramford, Suffolk, to her kinsman Ælfric, Wihtgar's son; at at Willesham, Suffolk, to Stigand; at Stonham, Waldingfield, Suffolk, and Little St Osyth, Essex, to Æthelric, her brother's son; at Haughley, Suffolk, to her daughter Ælfflæd; 3 hides at Warley, Essex, to Godwine, her brother-in-law; land at Stonham, Suffolk, to Æthelmær, (her reeve); 30 acres at Waldingfield, Suffolk, to Godric, her reeve at Waldingfield; land at Lawford, Essex, to Æthelric, her chaplain, and Ælfric and other servants; 1 hide at Forendale to Æthelric the priest. English


Bury St Edmunds


1. Cambridge, University Library, Ff.2.33, f. 45r (s. xiii 2)
2. London, British Library, Add. 14847, f. 15r-v (s. xiii/xiv)


K, 931

Printed and Translated:

Thorpe, pp. 569-71; Whitelock, Wills, no. 29 (pp. 76-7)


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    • Leofgifu greets her lady with God's greeting. And I declare to you my will, what I grant to Christ and his saints for the redemption of my lord's soul and mine, to the holy place where I myself wish to be buried, namely, Bury St Edmunds. That is, the estate at Hintlesham and the estate at Gestingthorp, except the land which Æthelsige had, which he acquired from his lord and from me. And Æthelsige is to have every third acre in the wood at Hintlesham, and ingress and egress by open land and fen. And I desire that Æthelric the priest and Ælfric the priest and Æthelsige the deacon shall have the minster at Colne as their lord granted it to them. And it is my wish that Ælfric the priest shall be in the same position in which Æthelnoth was. And may he be guardian over the minster who is over all others. And I grant to the king two marks of gold - my heirs are to succeed to the inheritance and pay the gold - and to my lady the estate at Belchamp except the land which my steward, Godric, has. He is to keep it. And to Bishop Ælfweard the estate at Bentley except the half hide which Osmund had; I grant that to my steward Ælfwig with that which he occupies, and to Ælfnoth my steward the land which was in Berric's possession. And to my kinsman Ælfgar the estate at Boreham. And to my kinsman Ælfric, Wihtgar's son, the estate at Bramford. And to Stigand the estate at Willesham. And to Æthelric my brother's son the estate at Stonham and at Waldingfield and at Lithtletic. And to my daughter Ælfflæd the estate at Haughley. And to my brother-in-law Godwine, and my kinswoman, the three hides at Warley. And to Leofcild the two hides next to his own. And let Æthelmær have the estate at Stonham which I have let to him as æreeve landÆ. And I grant to Godric, my reeve at Waldingfield, the thirty acres which I have let to him. And the estate at Lawford to Æthelric my household chaplain, and Ælfric [and] my servants who will serve me best. And Æthelric the priest is to have one hide at Forendale. And I desire that all my men shall be free, in the household, and on the estate, for my sake and for those who begot me. And I pray my lady, for God's sake, that you will [not] permit anyone to alter my will. And he who alters it - unless it be myself - may God Almighty turn his face from him on the Day of Judgment. May God keep you. Now there are three of these documents. One is in the king's sanctuary; and the second is at St Edmund's; and the third is with Leofgifu herself.
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    Old Text

    • [L]eofgiue gret hyre leuedi godes gretinge. And ic kithe ˇe mine quide wat ic Crist an and his halegan mine louerdes soule to alisednesse and mine into ˇe holy stowe ˇer ic self resten wille ˇat is at seynt Eadmundes byri. ˇat is ˇat lond at Hintlesham and ˇat lond at Gristlyngthorp. buten ˇat lond ˇat Ailsi hauede ˇat he at his lauerd ernede and at me. and ilc ˇridde aker on ˇan wude at Hintlesham habbe Ailri. and ingong and vtgong be feld and be fenne. And ic wille ˇat Ailric prest and Ailfric prest and Ailri diacon habben ˇat minstre at Colne. so here lofard it hem vthe. And ic wille ˇat Aylfric prest ben on ˇat ilke loh ˇe Aigno∂ was. And be se mund ofer ˇan minstre ˇe is ofer alle oˇere. and ic an ˇan kinge to marc goldes for min eruenumen to 7 gealaeste ˇat gold. and mine lauedi ˇat lond at Belhcham buten ˇat lond ˇat Godric mine stiward haue∂ ˇat habbe he. and Alfward bisscop ˇat lond at Benetleye buten half hide ˇe Osemund hauede. ˇat ic an Alfwy min stiward. and ˇat he on sit. 7 Alfno∂ min stiward ˇat lond ˇat Berric hauede vnder hande. And Alfgar mine mei ˇat lond at Borham. And Alfric mine mey Withgares sone ˇat lond at Bromforde. And Stigand ˇat lond at Willauesham. And Ailric mine brotheres sone ˇat lond at Stonham and at Waldingfeld and at Lithtletic. And Alflet mine douhter ˇat lond at Hag'e'le. And Godwine min a∂um 7 mire meygan ˇa ˇre hide at Werle. And Lefkyld ˇa to hide onfast his owen. And Aylmer habbe ˇat lond at Stonham ˇe ic hym er to hande let. to reflande. And ic an Godric mine reue at Walddingfeld ˇa ˇritti acre ˇe ic him er to hande let. And Ailric min hirdprest 7 Alric mine chihtes ˇat lond at Lalleford ˇe me best heren willen. 7 Ailric prest habbe an hide at Forendale. And ic wille ˇat alle mine men ben fre on hirde and on tune for me and for ˇo ˇe me bigeten. And ic bidde mine leuedien for godes louen ˇat ˇu ˇolie ˇat ani man mine quide awende. And se ˇe it awende. god almichin 'a'wende his ansene from him on domesday. buten ic it self do. God ˇe healde. Nu sinden ˇise write ˇre. on is mid ˇise kinges halidome. and oˇer at seynt Eadmunde. 7 ˇridde mid Leofgiue seluen.