c. A.D. 1013. Will of Godric, including bequests of land at Terrington, Norfolk, to St Benedict's, Ramsey; and of land at Acleya to Eadnoth, his son, with reversion to Ramsey. Latin




1. London, Public Record Office, E 164/28, ff. 149v-150r (s. xiv)
2. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B 333, f. 14r (s. xiv 1)
3. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B 333, f. 34r (s. xiv 1)


K, 928, ex MS 1*; Macray, Chron. Ramsey, p. 111; Pierquin, Recueil, pt 6, no. 75


Fowler 1920, p. 49 (no. 10)


K, iv, p. 266 n., only a portion of a charter, preserved in a narrative; Fowler 1920, pp. 50-2, identifies Acleya as Oakley, Beds; Hart 1964a, p. 64, on a date and background; Hart, ECEE, no. 29, authentic, suggests identification of Acleya with a wood in St Ives, Hunts; Foot 2000, II. 57

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    • + Ego Godricus concedo deo et sancto Benedicto Ramesiae post dies meos terram meam de Ticingetona, ita duntaxat ut abbas eiusdem aecclesiae Eadno∂us frater meus adquietet eam de seruitio quod heregeat Anglice, Latine releuatio haereditatis, dicitur, quae ab haeredibus liberis post mortem patrum dominis solet impendi. Concedo etiam iuniori filio meo Eadno∂o terram de Acleia. Note from Kemble, IV, p. 266, n. 1 This is only a portion of a charter, preserved in a narrative which continues in the following words: - 'praeter haec quoque plurima alia dona quae aliis concessit in eodem scripto reperimus quae quod nos minime contingebatur in figuris Anglicis neglecta remanserunt. Hanc autem terram de Acleia iccirco tetigimus quod et ipsa tradente eodem Eadno∂o filio eiusdem Godrici post reuolutionem dierum aecclesiae Ramesensi in liberam sicut in sequentibus dicetur elemosinam concessit.' See [S 1231].