A.D. 946 x 947. Will of Ealdorman Æthelwold, including bequests of 12 hides at Wylye, Wilts., to the bishop and episcopal community at Winchester; land at Ogbourne in Wilts., Æscesdune (cf. Ashdown) in Berks., Cheam in Surrey and Washington in Sussex, to his brother Eadric; at Broadwater in Sussex and South Newton in Wilts., to his brother Athelstan; at Carcel to his brother's son, Ælfsige; and at Cleran (Kingsclere, Hants.) to the son of his brother Ælfstan. English


Winchester, Old Minster


1. London, British Library, Add. 15350, f. 87r-v (s. xii med.)


K, 1173; B, 819; Earle, pp. 360-1; Wyatt 1919, pp. 117-18

Printed and Translated:

Thorpe, pp. 499-500; Harmer, SEHD, no. 20 (pp. 33, 63-4); Barker 1949, pp. 58-9


Harmer, SEHD, pp. 116-19; Darlington 1955, p. 86; Ekwall 1959, p. 88, suggests Carcel is Silchester, Hants; Finberg, ECW, no. 65 (pp. 42-3, 88), authentic, land at Wylye was probably Stockton; Hart 1970a, p. 34 (no. 153), authentic; Brooks 1978, pp. 87-91, on heriot; Gelling, ECTV, no. 51, authentic; Dumville 1992, p. 44, on testator; Hart 1992, p. 573; Keynes 1992, p. 63 n. 45, on form of address; Abrams 1996, pp. 48-9, on Æscesdune; Keynes 1996, p. 59 n. 39, on commemoration of testator

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    • Here it is stated that King Eadred gave the estate of twelve hides at Wiley to the community at Old Minster for the provision of clothing. Sire, I, Earl Aethelwold, declare to my dear and royal lord King Eadred, what are my wishes with regard to the estates which I have acquired from my lord. In the first place [I give] to God and to the holy foundation - the bishop and the community - at the episcopal see of Winchester the twelve hides of land at Wiley for the provision of clothing, so that they may remember me in their prayers, as I believe that they will. And to the king my heriot: four swords, four spears, four shields, four bracelets, two worth one hundred and twenty mancuses, and two worth eighty mancuses, four horses and two silver cups. And to my brother Eadric the estates at Ogbourn, Ashdown, Cheam, and Washington. And to my brother Aethelstan the estates at Broadwater and Newton. And to Aelfsige, my brother's son, the estate at Carcel. And to the son of my brother Aelfstan the estate at Clere. And I desire that a distribution of all the property which I hold on lease be made for the good of my soul, according to the directions which I have just given to the friends to whom I have been speaking.
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    • Her geswutelad ˇæt Eadred cing geuˇe ˇæt land æt Wilig ˇa twelf hida to scrudfultume ˇam hirede into Ealdan Mynstre. Leof, Æˇelwold ealdarman cyˇ his leofan cynehlaforde Eadred cynge hu ic wille ymbe ˇa landare ˇe ic æt mine hlaforde geearnode. Ærest Gode 7 ˇære halgan stowe æt ˇam bisceopstole æt Wintanceastre, ˇam bisceope 7 ˇam hiwum, ˇæt land æt Wilig ˇa twelf hida to scrudfultume, ˇæt hi me on heora gebeddredenne hæbben, swa swa ic him to gelyfe. 7 ˇam cinge minne hæregeatwa: feower sweord 7 feower spæra 7 feower scyldas 7 feower beagas, twegen on hundtwelftigum mancosun 7 twegen on hundeahtatigum, 7 feorwer hors 7 twa sylfrene fata. 7 minum bre∂er Eadrice ˇæt land æt Oceburnan 7 æt Æscesdune 7 æt Cegham 7 æt Wessingatune. 7 Æˇelstane minæ bre∂er ˇet land æt Bradanwætere 7 ˇet æt Niwantune. 7 Ælfsige mine bro∂orsuna ˇet land æt Carcel. 7 Ælfstanes suna mines broˇor ˇæt land æt Cleran. 7 eall ˇæt yrfe ˇæ ic hæbbe on lænelandum, ˇonne wylle ic ˇæt ˇæt sie gedeled for mine sawle swa swa ic nu ˇam freondum sæde ˇæ ic to spræc.