? A.D. 986. Will of Æthelstan Mannessune, including bequests of land at Chatteris, Cambs., to Ramsey abbey, and at Wold (near Witchford), Cambs., to Ely abbey; at Clapham, Beds. Graveley, Cambs. Waresley, Hunts. and Elsworth, Cambs., to his wife for her lifetime, with reversion to Ramsey abbey; half the land at Knapwell, Cambs., to his wife, and half to Leofsige, his kinsman; land at Over, Cambs., and Holywell, Hunts., to his wife; at Cottenham, Cambs., to his son; at Great Gransden, Cambs., to his elder daughter; 2 hides at Hatley, Cambs., to his sister; land at Slepe (St Ives, Hunts.) and at Hackthorn, Lincs., to his younger daughter Ælfwenna, and her heirs, with ultimate reversion to Ramsey abbey; the remainder of the estate at Hatley to Leofsige; land at Potton, Beds., to the son of Leofsige's brother, after the death of Æffe, if he can get it from her by litigation; half the fishery at Welle (cf. Upwell and Outwell, Cambs. and Norfolk) to his wife, and the other half to his son and two daughters. Latin




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